Katie Holmes Praises Rihanna For Her Fashion Sense & Reveals Her Obsession With Socks

You might never pair the two celebrities together as far as fashion personalities go, but Katie Holmes is a huge fan of Rihanna's sense of style. At least that's what she revealed to Yahoo Style's Joe Zee. In the interview, Holmes talks about her love for the singer, her obsession with socks, and how she used to love fashion plates (the textured stencils you could put a piece of paper on top of and color, which got her into fashion in the first place).

As a part of Style Sessions with Yahoo Style's EIC Joe Zee, Holmes talks candidly of her favorite designers: Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaïa. Girl has good taste! As if we didn't know that already. And along with the two designers, her favorites also include an unexpected item of clothing: socks! As a hater of cold feet, Holmes has a penchant for socks sans holes. Don't we all?

Holmes chats with Zee in a jeans and white button up combo, giving us some serious girl next door Joey Potter vibes. And as for a Dawson's Creek reunion? She say's she's unsure. "I don't want them to grow up!" she told Zee. But—she does still keep in touch with the rest of the cast, and recently saw Michelle Williams in Cabaret. And as for the others? They run into each other now and then.

In the just under five minute video, Holmes attributes her love for acting to high school. In her freshman year, she starred in a musical and fell in love with the process, forming a bond with her fellow cast mates that she wanted to emulate over and over again.

As a fashion icon herself, she says her secret is trusting her friends. "Cause your friends are going to tell you if you look like an idiot, or if you look great!" As for a celeb who's sense of style she's currently loving, she mentioned Rihanna. "She owns it and it goes with her music. She's just herself, that's what you get from her. And it's cool, she's always so cool," referring to RiRi's Met Gala look.

Catch the full video below.

Images: Yahoo Style