Ian & NIkki Share A Video From Their Wedding

Do you guys remember when Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed got married and we all alternated between wishing that we had been invited and wishing that we were one of them so we could be married to the other one of them? Do you guys remember how we still feel that way? Well, get ready to experience more of your relationship goals, because the couple is celebrating their one month anniversary in the most adorable of ways — as if we expected anything else. The former Twilight actress posted a clip from Reed and Somerhalder's wedding video on Instagram, and it genuinely pains my soul with how cute it is. If there were any lingering doubters out there, they've likely been silenced by the sheer clarity of how much these two love each other.

The video is set to "Take The World" by Johnnyswim, and it features the couple kissing in the sunlight, dancing what I presume is their first dance at the reception, and climbing up a mountain hand-in-hand. The whole time, Reed is smiling so brightly that you can literally feel her happiness radiating out of the video. She also accompanies it with a sweet caption, "You are my every dream brought to life. We are a cosmic collision. This is a lifetime felt in every moment I'm by your side. My love, my human... happy one month."

If you can make it through the video, let alone the poem, without sobbing into your hands, then you are a stronger person than I am. However, for the rest of us, here are the seven stages of emotion that you go through when you see this video on Reed's Instagram.

Stage One: Surprise

What's all this then?!

Stage Two: Envy

Why don't I look that pretty in videos? Why aren't I married? Why aren't I married to Ian Somerhalder?

Stage Three: All The Feels, All Of Them


Stage Four: Obsession

Oh, have I watched this video thirteen times in the last two minutes? Oops.

Stage Five: Determination

This video is going to be my wedding video. This couple is now my relationship goals. This is going to happen for me.

Stage Six: Affection


Stage Seven: Respect

The fact that they continue to share so much of their relationship with their fans, so that we may flail and be merry and cheer for their happiness, is really sweet. Now to watch the video again.

Image: whatshouldhoyascallme, lollypopbullet, elliot-elegant, tobeblatantlyhonest, dreamer7149, crushabledotcom, defiantbritta/Tumblr