8 Steamiest 'Vampire Diaries' Scenes Of All Time

Look, I'd be the very last person to say that The Vampire Diaries has lost any creative steam over the last six seasons. While it'd be impossible to capture that Season 2 (personal opinion, insert your own favorite season here) magic year after year, we've still seen some excellent TV. But, I will say that The Vampire Diaries Seasons 5 and 6 had less rip-your-clothes-off sexy time than any of the past seasons. So, I was pretty thrilled to hear the man with the best bedroom eyes in the business, Ian Somerhalder, tell Movie Pilot that Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries will be pretty sexy.

I was watching the one where Damon turns Vicki and they're dancing around in their underwear and [Paul Wesley and I] turned to each other and said, "Holy s***, man. This is happening. This is real." That was an amazing piece of television. I want to get back to that!

Can I get an amen? It will be hard adjusting to an Elena-less world, but, adding in some extra six-pack shots should help with the transition.

While we wait out the summer to see what’s in store, let’s spend some to appreciating what we already have. (After all, we do have 100+ episodes of goodness.) To celebrate this fantastic bit of news, and to prep you for the upcoming sexy season, I have done some very scientific research (wink) to determine The Vampire Diaries' eight steamiest scenes. You're welcome.

Damon Turns Vicki

This isn't a sex scene, but this Season 1 bit captures all of the perfection of the early days of TVD. Death, drinking, and hot people twirling in their underwear. It's no wonder Somerhalder refers to it as the goal for them to return to.

Stefan & Elena's First Time

Though their passionate one-true-love affair eventually faded out (with both of them moving on to some very green pastures), their love came first on TVD, and they had a very memorable first time.

More Than Friends

For a while Jeremy was just Elena's (admittedly very muscular) kid brother to Bonnie... until one day he wasn't. Their first kiss was very hot, all the more so because it felt almost like a surprise. He is her best friend's sibling, after all.

That Motel Kiss

It's a testament to Damon and Elena's chemistry that even their non-bedroom times make it on the list, but this kiss (their first real kiss) was electric, and would fuel the next three seasons.

Birthday Celebrations

Caroline was all jealous about Tyler being with someone else, and Tyler was done playing games. After two seasons of buildup this was really, really worth the wait.

The Cave With Stefan & Katherine

Because why should Elena be the only doppelgänger on this list? Katherine was always fun to watch, and her brain-toying with Stefan lead to some hot-cave action.

Klaus & Caroline Finally Go There

This list would not be complete without the one couple that never truly was... Klaroline. Their woodsy hookup was short but sweet, leaving everyone wanting more Klaus and Caroline romance.

Delena's First Time

There is a reason these two are The Vampire Diaries' ultimate OTP. This scene is romantic and passionate, and some intrepid user of the Internet even managed to cut the Caroline scenes out of their first time. Watch on repeat, and cross your fingers Season 7 can capture some of this magic again.

Images: Screengrab/The CW