Chandler's 11 Most Inspiring 'Friends' Moments Prove He Was Deeper Than You Thought

There was a lot to be learned from Friends. While some of its messages weren't quite so serious — like teaching fans to close the curtains when getting busy if your brother has a bird's eye view of your apartment — the series' had many other lessons that carried more weight. Chandler Bing, Friends' resident Mr. Sarcasm, wasn't exactly known for his deep and introspective commentary, yet he still taught viewers several life lessons that are actually applicable to our lives. We just need to dig a little deeper past that funny facade to find the real meaning behind Mr. Bing.

Chandler's story on Friends is actually one of the most relatable on the series. (Except for maybe Gunther's, because I'm pretty sure we've all experienced the pangs of unrequited love.) Over the course of its 10 seasons, he experienced monumental life changes in his career, love life, friendships, and personality that match up with many people's trajectories. And, because Chandler went through so many things that others can relate to, we can definitely learn a thing or two from the Grade A "transponster." Chandler's story was a lot deeper than you ever realized, and these 11 lessons gained from it serve as proof.

1. Have A Best Friend (Or Five) That You Can Always Rely On

Chandler — along with the other Friends characters — experienced one of the most important things a budding adult can in his or her life: the realization that when you have friends who are so important in your life, they become your family. He was somewhat estranged from his parents, and so the rest of the gang became his family.

2. Embrace The Qualities That Make You Stand Out

Could Chandler BE anymore well-known for his iconic phrasing? Whether it's something that you say over and over again, the way you say it, or maybe your style, work ethic, or personality, Chandler taught us that having a few unique qualities is the best way to make a lasting impression.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Take Chances At Work

What was Chandler before he became a copywriter? Why, a "transponster," of course. The problem was that Chandler really hated his job in analytics — or something — and so he took the gutsy plunge into unemployment to find something he really liked. It worked out, and Chandler taught us that if you're unhappy in your career, it's worth taking a few risks to find something that will make you happy.

4. It's OK To Be Vulnerable

Chandler was always joking around, but when he did let those goofy walls down, he revealed a very sweet, sensitive side. If you want proof that it's OK to be vulnerable and hang up that sarcastic sweater on occasion, just watch him propose to Monica. You'll need a tissue or seven.

5. Avoid Returning To The Same Bad Relationship Over & Over

OH. MY. GOD. If you learn anything from Chandler's life let it be this: Sometimes, you're just not supposed to be with someone. If it isn't working, don't give the same relationship 100 chances the way he did with Janice.

6. It's OK To Look Silly

Swallow your pride for the ones you love (in his case, Monica).

7. Sometimes Love Is Right In Front Of You

For some lucky people, when looking for love, all you need to do is open your eyes. It worked for Mondler.

8. Don't Be Afraid To Grow Up

When Friends ended, Chandler had evolved from a silly, sarcastic guy to a loving father, husband, and friend. Sure, he still had that bite to him, but he wouldn't be a Bing if he didn't.

9. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It is a tale as old as time, but Chandler and his friends constantly reminded us that reaching your goals with your friends by your side is incredibly rewarding.

10. Laugh At Yourself

As often as Chandler joked about his friends, he was able to laugh at himself when he was the butt of the joke.

11. Stand Up For What You Believe In

Even if what you believe in is getting the hell away from your overpriced gym.

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