The Kardashian's Ski Home Looks Like A Music Video

Although vacations for most of us look like something straight out of an episode of Broad City or something, for the Kardashian clan, vacations bring the royal treatment. Whereas I might pack my fancy makeup and a jar of peanut butter to save money on food, the Kardashians bring along entire entourages to keep them fit, fed, and well made. There are no sleeping bags on the floor for these sisters, nor the need to share a bed (In fact, during Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the Kardashians plus Jonathan and Malika went on a ski trip getaway, Jonathan refused to sleep on the couch — instead, Kim rented him penthouse suite).

No, for this family, not even side-by-side hotel rooms will do. Instead, when the Kardashians traveled to Big Sky, Montana for their ski trip during Sunday's Season 10 episode of KUWTK, they rented a house that looks like something straight out of a Puff Daddy music video. The 17,000 square foot estate, called the Belz Chateau, is big enough to house corporate retreats, and sits on 3.5 acres of private land. But, opulence isn't really a surprise when it comes to the Kardashians and their selfies, is it?

Here are just some of the things that makes their vacation rental look like something straight out of a music video.

It Has Fancy Art And Stuff

A blue acrylic man with a tray for holding the guests' drinks, a lounging man with a thing that looks like a loofah in his hand, and an enormous basket that looks like it's made out of spiderwebs...these are just some of the super fancy art pieces that look straight out of a super opulent music video. (Like, maybe Titus Andromedon's "Peeno Noir," the remix?)

There's A Jacuzzi Tub That Overlooks A Private Ski Mountain

Because, why not? The Kardashians don't wait in lines, so a private ski mountain is a must — just like music videos don't feature jacuzzi tubs that aren't big enough to hold at least five people at a time.

There Are Stone Walls — INDOORS

Stone walls on the outside of a house is pretty regal on its own, but the Belz Chateau Estate boasts stone walls in many of the rooms, including the two-story great room. In fact, there is hardly an inch of drywall in the place: Most of the walls are covered in either stone, or hand-carved wood. The house itself took over four years to build, and although this hand craftsmanship might make it look fancy, it also makes it look like the perfect setting for Taylor Swift's next music video.

This. Staircase.

How perfect is this staircase for some classic music video scene including rich people popping bottles of champagne and throwing money in the air? Alternatively, this staircase could also work for any scene of Gossip Girl.)

There's A Private Ski Bridge

I mean. I don't know how this would be included in a music video, but it SHOULD be.

The Master Suite Alone Is Almost 4,000 Square Feet

No wonder there wasn't enough room for poor Jonathan to sleep in the house. His best friend's living quarters were only FIVE TIMES the size of my apartment. The bedroom alone could have been the setting for a music video, what with its two terraces, private study and sitting area, a closet the size of the other bedrooms, and a bathroom that is bigger than the kitchen.

Don't Forget The Recreational Areas

In case anyone shooting a music video here runs out of locations, there is also a gym, two outdoor fireplaces, more terraces than I can count, a theater room, a recreation room, and a private wine cellar. Who knows, maybe the Belz Chateau Estate will be the backdrop of Kanye West's next video?

(Oh, and for what it's worth, the Belz Chateau Estate is FOR SALE. For the reasonable price of $20,000,000, your life could be one long episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Just hopefully without the drama.)

Images: E!, Giphy (4), BelzChateauBigSky.com