Off-Aisle By Kohls Is An Outlet Made Up Of Purchase Returns, But Will Anyone Partake?

Returning clothing is one matter, but deliberately seeking out clothing returned by another consumer is quite another affair entirely. In spite of what seems a dubious business proposition, Kohl's intends to launch a clothing outlet composed entirely of purchases returned by other customers, called Off-Aisle by Kohl's. The Cherry Hills, New Jersey-based store will feature designs that fall into a category between pre-owned and new. Slated to open in June, the store is the first of its kind for Kohl's.

Chain Store Age reports that Kohl's decision follows closely on the heels of similar ventures by Macy's and Burlington. Kohl's Public relations manager Julia Fennelly shed further light on the venture in a statement to Chain Store Age, stating, "Off-Aisle by Kohl’s is a single store that will enable Kohl’s to test new ways to provide its customers with the opportunity to purchase merchandise at a highly discounted price." At 30,000 square feet, the store will have plenty of room for the many items Kohl's employees see returned to the store.

However, the success of the business rests firmly on the inclination of consumers to spend money on discounted clothing that others have worn and decided not to purchase. Could outlets like Off-Aisle by Kohl's be the new vintage boutiques? Only time — and financial earnings reports from the company — will tell.