Cosabella Now Makes Plus-Size Lingerie

Nothing makes me feel sexier and more confident than a bra and panty set that fit me like a glove. As long as I'm loving my undergarments, any outfit on top is complete. And now, more of us women can feel sexy and supported, as Cosabella has launched a line of plus-size lingerie that's guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world.

Cosabella, a lingerie brand, also offers work out essentials like the triathlon bra, which is an insanely breathable mesh sports bra that also doubles as swimwear. Pretty cool. And, in addition to active wear, they offer a line of apparel as well, carrying basic shirts and tanks, sweat pants, shorts, and even rompers. They all look like a comfy girl's team. Cosabella also carries a maternity line, with a tank top that's designed for breast feeding. Hello, our new favorite company.

Now, they've grown their line even more, with the "Cosabella Extended" line, which is made with the same fabrics and colors as Cosabella's "straight-size" products, according to Racked. The sexy little pieces come in sizes 32–36 D, DD-G, and 38 D, DD–F, 1X–3X, and 12/14–20/22. They are also kept in the same price point.

Bras range from the demi cup style, to the the soft bra and the soft bra sweetie styles. They also come in 82 different colors, from jade, to gemstone, to marigold. Talk about a variety! Thongs and hot pants are also available in red, nude, white, and black.

We all should feel sexy, no matter our size, so here's a round of applause to you, Cosabella, for joining the likes of Target and Charlotte Russe in making your lines available to all types of women.

Images: Cosabella