Melissa McCarthy Kills It In Snakeskin

Prints and Melissa McCarthy are both having a big style moment. For the London premiere of Spy,Melissa McCarthy wore a floor-length, snake print dress and totally killed it, proving she's the up-and-coming style icon we've been waiting for.

Is McCarthy hinting at her new clothing line with this latest look? Here's to hoping, because the chiffon snake printed gown is something that we all want in our closets. The 44-year-old elevated the dress with a tie at the waist and keyhole at the neckline, and completed the look with a nude clutch and a bold, red lip.

McCarthy's upcoming clothing line will feature 80 pieces in sizes 4-28. When asked about her new project, McCarthy sounded excited, saying, “I want to do my own fashion line both to help women who are plus-size, and because I’ve always loved fashion, I love textiles, I truly love fabric,” she told PEOPLE last year. “Like, I have a compulsive problem with fabric. I can’t walk past it. I will buy stacks and stacks of fabric. I love it.”

McCarthy confessed that after the birth of her daughter, Georgette, in 2010, she had a hard time finding quality clothing to fit and show off her new, post-baby body.

“I was a different size than I’d ever been, and I realized just because I’m a different size doesn’t mean I flipped some switch and turned off a desire for anything current or modern, or a desire to look good and feel good,” she said, according to PEOPLE. “The majority of what’s out there for plus-sizes is really bad fabric, really bad design, and if you’re plus-size, you actually need a little help so you need better fabric with a weight that hangs better, that’s more flattering and forgiving.”


McCarthy did what any good entrepreneur does: when they can't buy something, they create it.

“I know I’m an idiot to take this on, on top of everything else, but I love it,” she said. “I can’t help it. I’m so excited by this. I would hope that women will love it. I think I know what’s missing out there — I can’t buy it because it’s not out there.”

What a girl boss. We can't wait to see (and shop) her new line.

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