MTV Censored Miley Cyrus Lighting Up, But Let These 6 Offensive Moments Air Untouched

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By now, you've probably all heard that Miley Cyrus lit up a blunt while performing on-stage at the MTV European Music Awards — that is, unless you're a viewer of MTV. The network decided to censor the singer's drug use during its American broadcast of the show, so if you're a dedicated MTV fan without Internet access (and if so, how are you reading this?!), then sorry to inform you, Cyrus' performance was a lot more risqué than you thought.

While we understand that MTV doesn't want parents complaining about seeing Cyrus smoke on-stage, we have to wonder where the network draws the line. They'll censor someone smoking weed (in Amsterdam, no less), but they'll let a whole lot of crazy, offensive stuff that, in our opinion, is far worse than Cyrus' antics, air without problem. What gives? Here are six moments in MTV history that are way, way, worse than Cyrus lighting up — but aired uncensored.

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