MTV Censored Miley Cyrus Lighting Up, But Let These 6 Offensive Moments Air Untouched

By now, you've probably all heard that Miley Cyrus lit up a blunt while performing on-stage at the MTV European Music Awards — that is, unless you're a viewer of MTV. The network decided to censor the singer's drug use during its American broadcast of the show, so if you're a dedicated MTV fan without Internet access (and if so, how are you reading this?!), then sorry to inform you, Cyrus' performance was a lot more risqué than you thought.

While we understand that MTV doesn't want parents complaining about seeing Cyrus smoke on-stage, we have to wonder where the network draws the line. They'll censor someone smoking weed (in Amsterdam, no less), but they'll let a whole lot of crazy, offensive stuff that, in our opinion, is far worse than Cyrus' antics, air without problem. What gives? Here are six moments in MTV history that are way, way, worse than Cyrus lighting up — but aired uncensored.

Amber Abusing Her Boyfriend on 'Teen Mom'

During the four seasons of MTV's Teen Mom, there were many controversial moments, but none were as disturbing to watch as Amber physically abusing her boyfriend, Gary. Several times throughout the show's run, Amber was filmed violently attacking Gary, often in front of their child. Seeing as the abuse was severe enough to eventually result in Amber's arrest and jail-time, it's surprising, and questionable, that MTV chose to air the incidents, even if they taught young viewers a lesson about the dangers of domestic abuse.

Image: MTV

Tom Green Drinking Milk From a Cow's Udder on 'The Tom Green Show'

Yeah, that happened. On MTV's short-lived run of The Tom Green Show, Green drank milk from a cow's udder because... no, there's no explainable reason why anyone would do that. If you're brave enough, check out the video here.

Image: MTV


It's impossible to pick just one offensive moment from Skins, MTV's American version of the acclaimed British drama. Controversy ensued from the moment the series premiered, thanks to the show's tendency to show scantily clothed teens having sex, doing drugs, and partaking in many other risqué, not-parent-approved activities. After a complaint-filled first season that included accusations of child pornography, MTV decided not to renew Skins for a second year.

Image: MTV

Blackface on 'The Challenge'

On Season 22 of the network's long-running The Challenge, a contestant, Emily, decided it would be a good idea to wear blackface, in a misguided attempt at making fun of her black ex-boyfriend. Despite another contestant repeatedly assuring Emily that it wasn't racist (seriously?!), the act — which consisted of Emily slathering her face in Nutella — obviously was, and much flack ensued. To be fair, Emily was raised in a cult, and grew up extremely sheltered, so it's not impossible that she sincerely didn't know blackface was racist. Her actions are somewhat excusable, but as for MTV airing the episode without any explanation or apology to viewers, not cool.

Image: MTV

Snooki Getting Punched on 'Jersey Shore'

While MTV chose not to show this act of violence, which occurred during Jersey Shore's infancy, on the show, it did have it appear in a promo for the episode, and, expectedly, it quickly went viral. "Snooki getting punched" became an instant Google search, and, while unfortunate for the star, it helped propel the show into mainstream fame (or infamy).

Image: MTV

Britney Spears' Performance at the VMAs

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, 2007. The entire year in pop culture was cringe-worthy, between then-Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington getting fired for a gay slur, radio host Don Imus getting slammed for racism, and Disney sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens having nude photos released online. By far the most offensive moment, though, was Britney Spears' awkward, dazed, "comeback" performance at the VMAs. The then-troubled singer's routine, which instantly went viral and prompted major Spears backlash, was almost too uncomfortable to watch.