Channel Gelfling Kira's Ethereal, Elfin Style

There is nothing more I love than a 1980s fantasy film, especially when Jim Henson and Brian Froud have a hand in it. I adore the pre-CGI days when puppets ruled, and The Dark Crystal movie is no exception with its ethereal, unique The Dark Crystal fashion being worn by the two main characters Jen and Kira.

The Dark Crystal is set in another world, where Gelfling Jen (an elfin-like creature) is sent on a quest to find a crystal shard that will complete a broken crystal and restore peace to his land. It is one of the most fantastical movies of its time, and at the time of its release it became known for its incredible animatronics.

The creatures in The Dark Crystal are just wondrous. They set my little fantasy-loving heart ablaze with creative juices and make me want to immediately drop everything and continue writing a fantasy book I am working on. There are the kind, wise, and lumbering Mystics who Jen grew up with; there are long-limbed, rabbit-like Landstriders; and of course the two last remaining Gelfling protagonists. As previously mentioned, Jen was brought up by the Mystics, but Kira was adopted by a breed of rather endearing, jolly creatures called Podlings.

It is easy to see that Kira's flowing, boho clothes are influenced by her Podling family. However, Kira's garments seem to be more feminine than her clan's clothes. It appears that Kira stays in the same outfit for the entire movie — unless you count the addition/subtraction of her cloak in various scenes — which is a shame because she has great style. Thus, let us channel Kira and her ethereal, elfin style and imagine what she might have worn if she were a human.

The Leafy Green Cape

Coat by Little Red Vintage, $82,

A leafy green cape such as this would be absolute perfection for an aspiring Kira. With its folky embroidery and faux fur lining it screams "nature lover," which is just what Kira is.

The Peasant Blouse

Lace Trim Peasant Top, $254,

This peasant top has the same, strong boho vibes as Kira's outfit. Plus, the addition of the lace trim adds the touch of luxe that Kira also manages to pull off.

The Boho Skirt

Darccy Boho Tulle Layered Maxi Skirt, $69,

Kira is a huge fan of nude colored garments so this layered boho maxi skirt would be a hit with our favorite Gelfling.

The Pretty Day Dress

Chiffon Crochet Trim Dress, $55,

This feminine frock reminds me of Drew Barrymore in Ever After, which is quite fitting as both Kira and Danielle have major ethereal, fairytale vibes going on.

The Embellished Evening Dress

Limited Edition Jewel Embellished Maxi Dress, $300,

As an adopted daughter of the musical Podlings, Kira is one girl who knows how to party. Dance the night away in this elegant, embellished dress. Don't forget a medieval style tiara to finish off your outfit.

The Forest Green Chiffon Skirt

High Low Hem Chiffon Middle Skirt, $15,

Frolic through a forest in this floating fairy skirt. You'll blend in well to your surroundings so that you can easily hide from predators or jump out on an unsuspecting Gelfling.

The Fairy Wings

Large 'Flora' Wings, $139,

Did you know that only female Gelflings have wings? Jen soon discovered this when Kira saved his life by floating him safely down a cliff. These wings would be awesome to wear to a festival; in fact, why not get yourself a blonde wig and go all-out Gelfling?

The Elfin Shoes

Forest Green Elfin Shoes, $150,

As you can see from the movie still above, Kira doesn't tend to actually wear shoes. However, unless you live in a forest or a Podling village, I would highly recommend you protect your tootsies with a pair of elfin style shoes like these whimsical forest green ones.

The Crystal Shard Necklace

Clear Quartz Necklace, $34,

Keep the crystal shard safe on a necklace. Yeah, I know it's not the real crystal shard, but this particular quartz stone is supposed to give the wearer "strength," which the adventurous and brave Kira has plenty of!

The Furry Fizzgig Bag

Cher Chain Strap Faux Fur Bag, $14,

As a knowing nod to Kira's BFF pet Fizzgig, why not wear a faux fur bag to carry your things in? Obviously the emphasis is on the word faux because animal loving Kira wouldn't be seen dead wearing a real fur (or Fizzgig fur) bag.

The Crystal Crown

Raw Amethyst Boho Copper Crystals Crown, $95,

Huge spoiler alert: At the end of the movie after Jen and Kira restore the crystal with their shard, the castle where the crystal is held transforms into a crystal castle. To me this suggested that the duo would be the next rulers of their realm, and what better crown could grace Kira's head than this beautiful amethyst one?

Images: ITC Entertainment; Henson Associates; oinkerstheturnip, JuanMaFumigator/YouTube; Courtesy Brands