Flood Waters Rush Into This Texas Home And It Looks Absolutely Terrifying — VIDEO

Effects of the intense flooding that devastated parts of Texas and Oklahoma during Memorial Day weekend are still being felt as rescue workers continue to search for missing people, even as they brace for more thunderstorms. Severe weather, including flash floods and tornadoes, has killed at least 35 people across Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico, and another nine remain missing. Harrowing video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows the Blanco River flooding a family’s home, demonstrating with frightening immediacy just how quickly the rising waters can take out house.

Shot by the Perez family from the safety of the second floor of their vacation home in Wimberley, TX, the video shows the surging water blasting open a glass door. A torrent of water rushes into the family’s living room, lifting chairs and other furniture to float in a churning whirlpool within the space of a few seconds. Ernie Perez aptly described the scene to CNN, saying, "It turned the living room into a gigantic washing machine.” In a scene that would be thrillingly reminiscent of a disaster movie, if it weren’t so completely terrifying, viewers can hear Sarah Perez crying in the background, asking if they should call 911. Her husband replies, “911’s not going to be able to get to us.” He assures her, “We’re OK,” and she responds, “You guys keep saying that, but look at the f*cking house.”

Fortunately, emergency services were able to rescue the Perez family. According to CNN, firefighters happened to be nearby, helping a neighbor. Ernie Perez explains, "We see flashing lights in the distance. We saw a fire crew with two trucks and a boat. My brother whistles and gets their attention."

Unfortunately, it looks like the trouble isn’t over yet for residents of Texas and Oklahoma. More rain is expected in the next few days, which could prove problematic for areas already overtaxed with floodwaters. The Weather Channel predicts that the flooding may continue in some regions for a matter of weeks.

Good luck out there, everyone.