Amazon Now Offers Free Same Day Delivery

by Julia Guerra

As if avoiding the occasional impulse buy wasn’t hard enough, Amazon now offers free same-day delivery to its Prime members, and the spontaneous shopper has met their match. Here’s how it works, according to ABC News: orders must be equal to or greater than $35 (as if that’s a struggle on the world’s digital retail giant), otherwise same-day deliverance will cost you an additional $5.99 for shipping. Orders must also be submitted by noon to be delivered by 9. Alright, reasonable.

Nine times out of ten I will pass up an online shopping spree. Shopping online ignites the devil: the impulse purchase. It only takes one click, and any item is yours. Dangerous! Don’t get me wrong; I browse my favorite online shops for deals once in awhile, but usually it’s the shipping that kills me. Why pay for someone to drop a Macy’s box holding a blouse or two on my doorstep when I could just as easily walk into the store myself (shopping counts as cardio, ladies!) and swipe my card at the counter only to be charged for the clothing itself?

But… free shipping? That could possibly change the game, not to mention the current balance in my bank account. Except, we’re missing a key term here.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Is Amazon now offering free same-day delivery? Yes. Is it available to all Amazon shoppers? No. Free same-day delivery will only be available for Prime members, the Amazon elites if you will, who pay $99 per year to reap all the benefits Amazon has to offer.

Along with free same-day delivery, Prime members are pleasantly spoiled with grocery delivery, one hour delivery in exclusive locations and Amazon Prime music streaming. Sounds to me like it's worth the money, eh?

If more online stores would hop on the same-day delivery bandwagon, they could potentially make an online shopper out of me. Check out the top five retailers on my same-day delivery wish list while I wallow in self pity that, alas, you can't always get what you want.

1. Topshop

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Up until recently, there were no Topshops near by, so shopping online was my only option. Free shipping would have been a real treat! Let's get on that, guys.

2. Forever 21

David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Looking through racks on racks of clothes is a workout in itself, and I don't enjoy shifting a million hangers left and right to untangle the one blouse that is actually my size. Some of their best finds are online. Do not punish me for your mistake!

3. Victoria's Secret

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I pay $50 for a bra and $75 for a hoodie. Surely payment for shipping can be included somewhere in that total. Right, Angels?

4. H&M

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Endless cropped tank tops arriving at my door within HOURS of placing my order (and without the cost of shipping)? Yes, please!

5. Urban Outfitters

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Excuse me while I sip my latte in annoyance, staring through the thick lens of my hipster glasses at the ridiculous amount you just charged me for shipping after I paid $32 for a pendant necklace, only to realize shipping could have been free if I had reached the $50 limit.

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