These Two Baby Bears Having A Wrestling Match Will Dramatically Improve Your Life And Times — VIDEO

Baby animals are truly a magical mood boost for even the most calloused, cold-hearted grumpster among us. Something biological sparks and we experience a sort of tenderness toward these creatures as they fumble in anthropomorphic ways. They're just like us! Except not like us, as they are far superior in cuteness. Following this trend, though, is a very important Vine capturing two baby bears wrestling at Yosemite and it will 100% lift your mood and spirits and maybe even make you a more efficient worker (or at least you can use that as an excuse when your boss catches you watching this on loop in your new agey open air office). Indeed, it has powers...good ones.

Apparently, adult bears fight only when necessary, or as a ploy to establish dominance. Baby bears, however, I imagine are like baby everything else, including baby humans. Which means they like to indulge in a little horseplay from time to time in an effort to establish nothing more than fun. This Vine is like taking a tiny peek into the secret world of baby bears in which they coexist not unlike baby humans. (Except I seriously doubt they'd be able to pick up the basics of iPads, or if they could they'd still scratch the screen beyond recognition.)

Maybe they got lost or distracted on the way to the Teddy Bears Picnic? I love how goofy and sweet they look raised up on hind legs. They're essentially pure comedy.

Is that an annual thing, anyway? The picnic, I mean. And more importantly, what's on the menu? Surely honey would be there (for Pooh, if no one else). What else, though? Guys, my curiosity is burning. I'll ponder all of this while we enjoy this old time classic:

Images: Getty Images; Vine