21 Impossibly Sweet Baby Animal Photos Because You've Had A Week And You Deserve To See This — SLIDESHOW

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I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing in your human life right now. It would be creepy if I did. But I can guess that no matter who you are (where you’re from…NO, I’m not sorry), your life is probably the stress right now. It’s sort of just a consequence of the human condition. I wish I could tell you how to be less stressed, but alas, I am a mere mortal woman, and cannot summon Ryan Gosling on command. In the meantime, we have cute baby animals to hold us over, which is basically the closest we can get to utopia without accidentally burning ourselves to the ground and waiting 100 years for a teenage heroine to step up and save or immoral souls.

I’m getting carried away. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Baby animals are adorable and deserve our full attention, so it’s hard to keep the rest of myself in check when I am thinking of them and/or staring at pictures of them, which, incidentally, I am doing right now. And although I am no Katniss, I’d like to think I’m every bit as much a hero, both because I have an inflated ego and because I have done you the great favor of rounding up a bunch of baby animals for our viewing pleasure. BEHOLD the literal best part of your work week.

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