Dan Rather Explaining Internet Slang Is The Best

Oh dear lord in heaven, thank you for blessing us with the gem of cinematic perfection that is Dan Rather explaining Internet slang. I mean, sure, there are other places you can go if you want to find out what "dad bod" or "on fleek" means... but nowhere else will you get to hear Rather's grandfatherly chuckle while doing it. It's the best, you guys. I mean it. Seriously, seriously the best.

The veteran news anchor was asked to do the video by BuzzFeed Yellow, which describes itself as producing "tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos... Just like BuzzFeed Video but more yellow." I'm so glad he agreed to do it. Just hearing Rather explain his definition of "thirsty" ("when you can't remember whether its on Tuesday or Thursday and you just want to finesse it you say I'll see you on Thirsty") is amazing.

Rather is everything, and his charm and steadfast, newscasterly voice knows no bounds. He is just as comforting discussion the definition of "bae" as he is the Kennedy assassination. He's perfect. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that there's nothing else I'd Rather do than watch this video on repeat.

Here are some of the video's highlights; scroll down to watch the whole thing:

1.Dad Bod

Look at that face. He pretty much nailed this one, explaining that if Tom Brady actually has to sit out six gamesm he might develop a Dad Bod.

Dan Rather and Tom Brady plus Dad Bod is oddly sexual, no?

2. MRW

Honestly, I didn't know that "MRW" stands for "my reaction when," so let's all just agree to go with Rather's much more reasonable use of the acronym: "My Rather wardrobe."

3. Thirsty

Upon learning that thirsty means "too eager to get something; desperate," Rather astutely noted, "Nearly every politician and all anchormen are thirsty." Also, removing the image with the ad above for the #DadBod Workout would have been doing you all a disservice.

4. BAE

How appalled is Dan Rather that the definition of BAE is, "before anything else"? Very appalled.

Watch the whole magical video here:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/ YouTube (6)