'The Whispers' Spoilers From Star Barry Sloane Prove More Mysteries Are Ahead... And Possibly Monkeys

The premiere of ABC's new thriller is right around the corner, which means not only do we get to experience some invisible beings that are possibly extraterrestrials, as the imaginary friends of young and impressionable children, but fans of Revenge get to see Barry Sloane back in action on The Whispers . While chatting with Sloane about his role as Defense Department operative Wes Lawrence, the actor was kind enough to offer up some spoilers about the first season of The Whispers . However, rather than using cryptic words, Sloane gave me some scoop with three emojis.

Of course, as it goes with spoilers, I'll have to use my very best detective skills (and maybe even channel my inner Wes Lawrence, who is a very bright government official) to decipher exactly what Sloane means with these emojis. After asking Sloane to give me some spoilers with emojis, his response was, "Oh my goodness," all while laughing. With that said, he then went hunting for the best possible emojis and came up with the following: the three monkeys demonstrating see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

As Sloane says, "I think that covers the spoiler alerts, and it also covers things you wouldn’t want to see — or hear."

Some might be surprised that Sloane didn't select the alien emoji, but it's still not clear where exactly the imaginary friends are coming from, and they could very well be Earthly beings. I think these emojis just prove that Sloane really wants to remain tight-lipped about future episodes — or he wants everyone to know that monkeys are somehow involved. Wait... do you think the imaginary friends are monkeys with some sort of telepathic powers? Doubtful, but, hey, you never know.

With that very bad guess out of the way, maybe Sloane means that there are many ominous storylines ahead that will make us all cover our eyes, ears, and mouths? I bet some moments are so gasp-worthy that we'll cover our mouths like the "speak no evil" monkey. Then, there might even be scenes that are so fear-inducing that we'll want to cover our eyes like the "see no evil monkey." Finally, the "hear no evil" monkey will come into play when something is said that we just don't want to hear or believe. Clearly, the only way to cope with that type of moment is to pretend we didn't hear it.

Whatever the case, Sloane sure is being tricky with his emojis, all while getting me excited for the upcoming mysteries of The Whispers — and possibly monkeys.

Image: Eike Schroter/ABC