You're Going To Love Bella Thorne As A Blonde

by Julia Guerra

Summertime means our favorite stars are switching up their hair cuts and colors from fading dark dos to warmer tones. Most recently, The Duff actress Bella Thorne dyed her hair blonde, posting to Instagram Wednesday a photo debuting her platinum locks by pulling a very blonde braid over her shoulder in triumph for all the world to see. The photo was captioned: “New character! New movie!” I loved Thorne in all her ginger glory, but I’m even more obsessed with the idea of a blonde Bella.

I, too, recently made the transition from brunette to blonde and — gasp! — lived to tell the tale. I was born dirty blonde, but around age 5 my hair inevitably darkened and alas, I was meant to be a brunette after all. I first started dying my hair when I was 18 and only at the beginning of each fall, rarely switching it up from a dark brown to auburn tone. They dye would take it’s course and my hair would lighten in time for summer.

This season, it was time for a change. On a spontaneous Sunday I said goodbye to my dark brown strands and went all in for a heavy blonde highlight. Basically, I’m a blonde without bleaching my whole head.

Alright, so the actress dyed her hair for the sake of a role, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's still her hair, not a wig, and now every time she looks in the mirror she will no longer lay eyes on that beautiful head of red.

Her photo caption says it perfectly: new character! I've been blonde for about two weeks now, and though I could not disagree more with the assumption that blondes have more fun, the transition has made me feel different in a positive way, as if I have taken on a new persona.

She may be a performer, but that blonde hair is no act and I'm super excited to see what Blonde Bella has in store for us.