21 Statement Pieces To Get You Noticed On A First Date (Because You Rock, After All)

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It’s easy to stress out about first dates, especially when it comes to deciding on the perfect outfit for a first date. Typically, first dates are pretty laid back, considering the main goal is to learn more about the person you’re on a date with. But ironically, those chill, laid back types of situations are arguably the hardest to dress for. Plus, you can tell a lot about a person by the way the dress. So when these two facts intersect on the night of your first date with a promising suitor, hell can, and will, ensue.

But an easy way to avoid a meltdown and a wardrobe catastrophe is to start off with a statement item, and work around it. These days, style can be so creative and beautiful, but it can also get complex quite quickly. While we all like a style challenge, it’s not the ideal route when getting dressed for a first date.

Instead, choosing a favorite item in your closet, whether it’s a gorgeous necklace, a pair of fringed heels, or a voluminous skirt that makes a statement in and of itself will make putting together an outfit easy peasy. Simply work around that one statement item and make it the focus so you can show off your unique personal style and your ability to express yourself through your clothes.

Unfortunately, the following pieces are not guaranteed to make your first date absolutely amazing, but they will highlight the best part of you: Your personality. So, in an effort to make your first date as effortless as it can possibly be, and hopefully save your closet from a catastrophe, here are 21 statement pieces that will get you noticed.

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