The Trevor Noah ‘Daily Show’ Premiere Date Is Here & It’s Perfect For This New Era — VIDEO

Is it still too soon to talk about the fact that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show? We've had so many talk show related "end of an era" moments as of late that some have got to be hurting less than others. Then again, the loss of Stewart is one that is hurting me the most (and don't get me started on the loss of The Colbert Report), which I think says a lot about me as a person. However, Comedy Central more than made it up to us by making Trevor Noah the new host of The Daily Show — the first time the show has been hosted by a person of color. But when does The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premiere? That's the real question.

Finally, Comedy Central has answered that question. According to Variety, Noah takes over hosting responsibilities on September 28. That date means nothing to those of us who are mired in the world of adulthood and jobs, but that means that a few weeks into your average school year for everyone else. Just when you've finally adjusted to the fact that it's not summer vacation anymore, here will come Noah, like a beacon of light, to teach you all the fake news of the world. Or all of the real news, but in a comedic manner that makes it more appealing to those of us millennials who hate watching the news.


Of course, Stewart isn't out as host just yet. His last gig as the host of The Daily Show will happen on August 6, which gives us plenty of time to sob into our pillows and beg him to stay and ask him why he's doing this to us when we've been so loyal and giving and no Jon please don't go! Still, even if we have to say goodbye to Stewart, it's nice to know that we have so much to look forward to with Noah taking the helm. It's even nicer to know that we only have to wait about a month and a half before getting new episodes of The Daily Show to fill the void left by the exit of Stewart.

I'm confident that Noah will be just as much of a delight to watch on The Daily Show as Stewart was, and I can't wait to see the many ways he comes up with to make the program his own. In the meanwhile, Comedy Central has already debuted a promo to help us all prepare ourselves for him to take over on September 28. Check out the clip below, and get ready for a whole new age.

Image: Getty Images