7 Most Exciting Tony Award Presenters

Summer is here, and with it comes every theater fanatic's favorite awards show. Once again, the Tony Awards have a star-studded list of presenters scheduled to attend, and anybody who was hoping for a Neil Patrick Harris appearance is in luck. Not only will the former host and star of Hedwig be presenting, but so will some of the most famous and amazing icons of Broadway — including David Hyde Pierce and Taye Diggs. One can only hope for a musical number starring all three.

If there's one thing Broadway has to offer these days, it's A-list celebrities. Everyone from Shia LeBeouf to P. Diddy has tried to take a turn on "The Great White Way." Though the results aren't always the most well-received, the presence of stars in the theatre world has transformed the Tonys into one of the biggest television events of the year. Just look at last year's roster: the 2014 Tony Awards featured Tina Fey, Orlando Bloom, and T.I., and was hosted by none other than Wolverine, himself — Hugh Jackman. This year's list of guests is even more A-list.

Here are the top seven presenters we're most excited to see at the 2015 Tony Awards. Though it doesn't look like we'll get a Fey reprise, Bryan Cranston should fill the void nicely.

Bradley Cooper

I have zero complaints about this.

Jim Parsons

Everyone's favorite nerd is also quite the vocal talent. Let the man sing.

Taye Diggs

Any Rent fan can tell you that Taye Diggs has been a Broadway star for quite some time. Not only will he be at the Tony Awards, but soon he'll be the next star to take on Hedwig in the current production.

Rose Byrne

The hilarious and crazy talented Rose Byrne has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of the past five years, including the Insidious franchise and Bridesmaids, but it wasn't until this past year that she made her Broadway debut. I wonder if she'll present in her native Australian accent or her utterly perfect imitation of an American accent...

Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried's spent a lot of screen time singing her heart out, but this year she went Off-Broadway to take part in Neil LaBute's non-musical The Way We Get By. I bet $30 she sings her presentation speech.

Taylor Schilling

Piper Chapman has been busy in her time away from Litchfield. Schilling spent the winter performing with Peter Dinklage in A Month in the Country. If only Peter Dinklage was there, too, the night would be perfect.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has made it impossible not to love him. If he's not posting absurdly adorable photos of his family's Halloween costumes, he's churning out one brilliant Broadway performance after another. Expect a rousing musical number or sassy jokes about gay rights. Either way, I'll love it.

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