Why 'GoT's Sansa Is A Poweful, Feminist Hero

As any fan of the HBO series Game Of Thrones knows, Sansa Stark has been through Seven Hells and back throughout her time on the series — which is why that controversial scene involving her and Ramsay Snow had an extra layer of disparity to it. But, while she began the entire series as a young girl naïve to the ways of the world and the horrible nature of just about everyone in Westeros (particularly Joffrey), she has arisen from the terrible black hole that is her life, and has become a glorious woman after whom we should all model ourselves.

Not many people could survive the emotional toll of their dire wolf getting butchered, watching their father be beheaded, gazing upon their father's decapitated head on a spike, and hearing of the brutal slaughter of their mother and eldest brother — amongst other things — but these are all actual things that Sansa has gone through! And, of course, we can't forget all the physical and emotional abuse she's experienced from Joffrey, Cersei and Ramsay. A person can only take so much, but Sansa is an inspirational display of the power of the human spirit.

While Daenerys has been most fans' feminist role model throughout Game of Thrones , Sansa is quickly ascending up the ladder and becoming another feminist hero to root for in this show. We can all learn a lot from her and her struggles, and it's her life experiences that makes her such a formidable force.

1. She's Grown Tremendously Over The Seasons

Admit it, you used to roll your eyes just like the rest of us every time Sansa said anything about raising babies and marrying Joffrey. But, those days are gone: She's much older and wiser, now, she might even be the one character who's grown the most.

2. She's Super Sassy

Sansa may not have physical strength or mind manipulation in her arsenal, but she wields superhuman levels of sass as her weapon. If you ask me, that can hurt much more than physical blows.

3. Anyone Who Can Survive This Guy Is A Saint

There have been women who have died after spending a night with Joffrey. Sansa, on the other hand, was not only engaged to him, but also forced to live in his kingdom long after the engagement fell through. Every day brought another round of hellish threats and turmoil, but she survived. And if she can handle Joffrey, she can handle anyone...even Ramsay.

4. She Knows How To Play The Game

Even when it doesn't seem like it, Sansa is always on. If she's not trying to find a way out of a predicament, she's listening and learning and storing information in the back of her mind to use later. For instance, like when Ramsay told her that Jon Snow is now leading the Night's Watch — you just know Sansa's going to use that at a later time to her advantage.

5. What Doesn't Kill Her Makes Her Stronger

In the entire Game of Thrones,universe, Sansa is arguably the one who's suffered the most. While more than half of her family was slaughtered, she was being tortured by the King — and now she's married to someone just as sadistic in a completely different way. But you know she will survive this... and one day she's going to unleash all hell upon Westeros in revenge.

6. She's Still Gentle After Everything

People say that how you come back after a fall is what defines you — and no matter what Sansa has been through, she's always been able to maintain her compassionate, gentle spirit, proving just how powerful she is.

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