Get Taylor Swift's Date Night Style With These 9 Matching Top & Bottom Sets

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Known for her ultra feminine fashion — which, of course, includes wearing a co-ord or two — Taylor Swift went on a date with Calvin Harris sporting a coordinated shirt and skirt set, staying very true to her fabulous personal style. I was so in love with her look, and I hope Harris agrees because, I mean, they’re adorable together.

Swift's baby blue floral ensemble is one that you can snag at a relative bargain… if the top wasn't sold out already! If you aren't one of the lucky ones who purchased that particular matching set, don’t sweat! Her perfectly ladylike date night look is super easy to recreate.

All you need is a top and bottom that match, heels, and red lipstick. You’ve gotta show off those legs and rock a statement lip to really pull off that Swift style! And as far as the co-ord goes, I’ve got you covered. Dressing for date night was never so easy and never looked so good.

You go, you cute coordinated thing, you! I just know that Taylor would be so proud!

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