Pantyhose Is Making A Comeback Thanks To Kate Middleton, So Maybe It's Time To Rock Some Sheer Hosiery

You know those sheer stockings everyone and your mother wore to work everyday in the '80s? Ever wonder what happened to the once-wardrobe staple? Well, according to a report from ABC News, those nylons are making a comeback, and it's all because of... British royalty?

The report states that when Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton — around the time we all became obsessed with the Duchess and everything she wore — hosiery sales rose in United States and the UK. Middleton's home country especially took the trend by storm with an 85 percent increase (wow, that's a lot of pantyhose) and since then, the thin tights have been slowly coming back into the fashion scene, with stores offering more variety when it comes to style and coloring of the hose.

Though Middleton is enough of a style icon to make a trend stick, the fashion industry itself has also taken note, and the nude tights have made appearances on notable runways, like Kanye West's Fall 2015 collaboration with Adidas, where models sported flesh-toned bodysuits paired with oversized sweaters and jackets—a bit more modern than the typical tights-and-dress combination.

Whether it's emulating the Duchess of Cambridge or trying to sport the latest runway trend, it may be time to grab a box of hose from your local drugstore, hope they don't rip right when you put them on (I'm not the only one with this problem, right?), and go nude for your next look.


But seriously, how can someone look so flawless wearing tights and holding a cricket bat?

Image: Getty Images