Chanel Is To Open Their First Spa In Paris

One of the most luxurious fashion houses in the world is getting a spa makeover. Chanel will open a full-service spa in the Ritz Paris Hotel, and it's bound to put your suburban nail salon to shame. Now tell me, is it indulgent to fly to France just for a facial?

For 34 years, the famed Ritz Paris was the home of the legendary Coco Chanel and even has a suite dedicated to the elegant designer. “The story linking Chanel and the Ritz Paris would not be complete without the opening of a new Coco Chanel suite inspired by the one she originally occupied and by the decor she loved so much,” according to a statement released to Elle UK. And now, the hotel will host a beauty haven that's sure to be as elegant as the clothing the house produces.

Set to open at the end of this year (and after three years of renovations to the swanky hotel itself), the "Chanel au Ritz Paris" is said to offer luxurious and opulent treatments based on the brand's world renowned skincare and beauty lines. Although there's not much confirmed by Chanel as of yet, we have some ideas about what the inside of the world's first Chanel spa might be like. Two words: classy and fabulous. So, who's ready to run off to Paris?

The Scent

Spas that smell of eucalyptus and lavender? That just won't do for one of the world's most iconic fashion houses. What else could the "Chanel au Ritz Paris" smell like besides the elegant, distinct scent of Chanel No. 5?

The Decor

No matter how many modern, avant-garde pieces the fashion house sends down the runway, Chanel will always be remembered for it's famed quilted bags and iconic little black dress. Quilted salon chairs and massage tables and little black smocks, anyone?

The Tranquility

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury," according to Coco Chanel herself. We're expecting the very ultimate in comfort in the new "Chanel au Ritz Paris." Soft candlelight, calming massages, and the fluffiest robes in all of Paris — adorned with the famous interlocking Cs, of course.

The Treatments

There's no limit to what treatments the opulent fashion house will soon dole out, especially considering its celebrated skincare offerings. But we're thinking crushed pearls — a popular ingredient in luxurious skincare and an homage to Coco Chanel's favorite accessory — will be included.

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