The PomPom Mirror Mimics Your Every Move, So Now You Can Finally See Your Soul Reflected In Fur — VIDEO

Do you ever feel like art is just sitting there, mocking you and reminding you that you DON'T get it? I fully accept that I'm pretty challenged when it comes to drawing stick figures, and definitely can't be trusted with a paint brush, but it'd be nice to look at a piece of art understand the beauty of it. It'd be satisfying and less damaging to my ego. I don't need to be full on Charlotte York à la Sex And The City, but if I could just have, like, slight Charlotte intuition that would be ideal. This interactive fur mirror is just one of the many pieces I don't understand.

I see the interactive, fun, Museum of Science part of it, and I can certainly get behind that. But if there's a deeper meaning, burrowed within the fur, I'm missing it completely. My reaction is very Monster's Inc. in that I'm like, "Fur! Oooooh KITTY," but then have nothing else to say about the piece. (Hey, I might not be able to draw, but I can make a story about an art installation into a Pixar movie reference, so THERE.)

Anyway, I trust that your understanding will be better than mine. So please, be the Charlotte to my girl on the street next to Carrie and learn to love this fur mirror:

Here's the full video so you can appreciate the interactive effect:

This piece is part of an exhibition of new artwork at bitforms in New York. The artist, Daniel Rozin designed the PomPom mirror, which is a mirror that relies on motion sensors and 928 faux fur pom poms powered by 464 motors. It mimics onlookers' motions in real-time. It's a series of similar ~interactive~ installations that use a motor to manipulate wooden pegs or even pieces of trash. The exhibit is called Descent With Modification and it runs through July 1, 2015.

Images: Getty Images; Vimeo