Katy, Is that An Engagement Ring?

Living the life of an international pop star seems to be surprisingly like living that of a Jane Austen character — do whatever, live your life, but if you've got a new ring on your finger someone's gonna have a conniption. Such is the current situation for Katy Perry, who wore a ring on a certain left-hand finger and so is obviously engaged to John Mayer and about to pop out lots of raven-haired serenading playas.

And look, Katy Perry could be engaged to John Mayer. (After all, the engagement rumors have been circulating as of late.) But let's explore a couple of the options here, okay?

She's messing with us.

Perry isn't usually the prankster type, so this one might not be as likely — she's more the type to tell us to remember to let the light into our hearts and while we're at it buy her new album. But hey, Perry is shilling that new album right now, so maybe she or someone on her publicity team thought that being spotted with an accessory on her ring finger would mean a few more articles with her name in them this week. We are the Exhibit A proof that this was good thinking.

She's engaged.

Always a possibility — she and John Mayer have been fighting off those engagement rumors for quite a while, after all. It's also good timing, considering that the press tour for Prism has meant a lot of Perry talking about the heartbreak she went through with Brand. It'd be sweet for Perry — and for her PR team — if she could accompany that with the news that she's officially moving past her first marriage and preparing to head into a new one. Wait, so maybe it's a PR stunt either way? Oh, love these days.

She just wanted to put a ring on her finger.

Listen, we are not clued into Katy Perry's fashion whims — we mainly just sit back and enjoy the rubber-dressed ride. But is it completely out of the realm of possibility that this ring is just an innocuous accessory placed onto the finger of a famous person?