Scott Schuman Collaborates With Tod's On Stylish, Functional Line Of Loafers

Blogger Scott Schuman captures fashionable moments for a living, but now The Sartorialist has teamed up with Tod’s to create some capture-able moments of his very own design. I’m excited to see what he’s come up with, because the man knows his fashion. Schuman designed some shoes with the brand that are classy and fit to be worn on the streets of Milan, or anywhere that you strut your stylish stuff. (How I wish I could be found in Milan, though).

“I find the best collaborations are always with the companies I know best, and that I personally wear myself. Tod’s is a perfect example of this,” the photographer wrote on his blog. And I’m happy he felt at home designing for this brand, because while I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing a pair of Tod’s shoes, anything that’s good for The Sartorialist is good for me!

If it weren’t for the high price point, I’d be getting my very first pair of Tod’s right now. Schuman and Tod’s produced some seriously wearable loafers for men and women that epitomize Italian style. So, even if I have to save from now until forever, I’m going to get a pair of these! I’m motivated by future purchases. Will work for shoes, you know what I mean?

Now for the most stylish loafers you’ll ever lay eyes on:

Leather Loafers, $438

Leather Loafers, $475

Patent Loafers, $578

Nubuck Loafers, $347

Metallic Loafers, $595

See these styles and more on the Tod's website!

Images: Tod's