Sam Is Tracking Charlie Manson In ‘Aquarius’, But Will The Black Panthers Stand In His Way?

David Duchovny makes his glorious return to network TV tonight, and he did not disappoint. We started off strong with Sam Hodiak (Duchovny) shirtless and working out (thank you, NBC). After that it was nothing but dapper suit after snappy outfit. Retro-amazing clothes aside, the Aquarius series premiere jumped right into the action, zeroing in on Sam’s investigation into the disappearance of Emma, a young girl who just so happens to be well-connected, and the daughter of an ex-girlfriend. We learn a lot about Sam over the first two hours of the show, but the main takeaway is this: He's a really good cop, and has no boundaries or scruples when it comes to closing a case. I think this will lead to trouble, now the the Black Panthers have arrived and have it in for Sam on Aquarius.

Let's back up a little bit. Sam is trying to get the confession out of a man who murdered his wife (with a brick, it was a CSI-level scene). He ends up arresting Bunchy Carter, (Gaius Charles better known as Smash from Friday Night Lights) a member of the Nation of Islam, in order to run a con on the murdering husband. It works, but it's pretty underhanded and Bunchy is livid.

Released from jail Bunchy seems to renounce his faith, since that would have him leave America and he wants to stay here — to fight against people like Sam. Or Sam himself. It isn't explicitly said but he's clearly threatening. When can see from the promos that the Black Panthers are now on the scene, where I am guessing Bunchy has gone to seek his revenge on Sam. Will this end up interfering with Sam's investigation of Charlie Manson? Will Sam and Brian resolve their differences and become buddy cops? I don't know, but I cannot wait to find out.

Images: Vivian Zink (2)/NBC