This Music Video Forces You To Keep Your Finger On The Screen, And It Will Make You Feel All-Powerful — VIDEO

J-pop mainstay Namie Amuro's single, "Golden Touch," gets the literal treatment in its video serving. It's a nice feeling to feel wanted or integral in some way—most of the time. Maybe when you serve as the central negative theme in an ex's music video, that's less nice. However, in this Japanese music video needs your finger. Well, it's not entirely vital but it sure is helpful in making all the theatrics make sense.

The cut, which appears on Amuro's third bilingual album, _genic, shimmies around with effervescent sensibilities and chill party vibes. It's a good time, for real. Not to mention, it's pretty flattering, insinuating the viewer ("you") in fact is the sole owner of this holiest of touches. You know, I'll take it. The video asks the viewer to hold their finger smack dab in the center of the screen (full screen recommended so you can grasp the full power potential such a golden opportunity presents) as footage scoots along presenting a slew of circumstances in which your finger's participation is seemingly crucial. Parades of balloons to pop, Whack-A-Mole-esque games in which one must...whack, human ears for reasons I'm not totally sure, etc. But it's fun! Here, let's practice holding a finger in place:

You're doing great! I believe in you! Nice work, you! Let's sneak in a little more practice in various scenarios since that's supposed to breed perfection, right? Right!

Spying on furries

True to life. For some people. Maybe.

Fingerprint acrobatics

OK, this is plain adorable. No question.

Bursting someone's literal bubble

A little mean, but fun regardless? I'll take it.

Feeling more confident about your extensive finger capabilities? I know I believe in you. You can do this. Good luck:

Images: Fotolia; YouTube (3)