LED Bracelets From T. Swift Concert Saved 3 Lives

For many Taylor Swift fans, going to see her live in concert would be a dream come true. But for three teenagers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, things took a horrible turn when they were on their way home from one of the pop star's recent shows. Avery Talbot, a friend of the three concertgoers, said that when the girls were in a terrible car accident after the show, LED bracelets they got at the concert helped them alert help. On her the pop star's Tumblr page, the teen thanked Taylor Swift for saving her friends' lives. In the post, Talbot wrote,

When the two girls in the back (Emma & Caroline) realized they could not receive help, one of their bracelets flashed … They started tapping the bracelets to the windows & eventually a lady pulled aside to help and call 911.

Talbot said the car was totaled after the driver feel asleep at the wheel. It was dark. It was about 1 a.m. Two of the teens' cell phones were dead, and one could not be found in the mangled wreckage. Had it not been for the bracelets, passersby may not have known to stop by and help, and the accident could have easily been fatal. So, in other words, the bracelet's Taylor Swift gave out helped save lives.


This story also serves as an important reminder to be prepared for anything while driving, and put what resources you have to good use. After all, in this day and age, we tend to see cell phones as our lifelines. It is easy to get wrapped up in the idea that help is just a phone call away if it is needed. But as demonstrated by this story, cell phones are not always reliable. So even though you might be glued to your phone and have all the emergency numbers keyed in with a nifty SOS app, you should have something else on hand to alert people if you are in distress. For instance, an emergency flashlight (bonus points for extra batteries), so that you can get the attention of other drivers, like with the Taylor Swift bracelets.

This story can definitely help raise awareness about the importance of the smaller, simpler resources. As demonstrated by the bracelet, they really can make a difference. For her part, Swift helped out by sharing the story on May 28 on her Twitter page. Hopefully her fans will all take note!

Image: Getty Images