'HTGAWM' Actor Charlie Weber Secretly Marries In Mexico & Thanks To Matt McGorry We Have Proof — PHOTOS

Congrats are in order for this How to Get Away With Murder actor! In April, actor Charlie Weber secretly married in Mexico, People reports. Even though some might not want to congratulate Frank Delfino, especially because of that big twist in the HTGAWM Season 1 finale, let's all remember: Weber isn't really Frank. It looks like the actor tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which sure sounds like the perfect wedding location. According to People, several of his HTGAWM co-stars were in attendance, including Matt McGorry (Asher Millstone) and Katie Findlay (Rebecca Sutter), who you can see in the photos below.

As for just who Weber married, well, that still remains a mystery. Hmmm... Maybe he is kind of like Frank, since he's been very hush-hush about his now-wife's name and personal life. In February 2015, Weber's engagement came to light when the actor appeared on Steve Harvey. He told Harvey, "After we shot the [HTGAWM] pilot in Philadelphia, I came home and proposed to my girlfriend. I did it. We’ve been engaged for just under a year and I’m taking her to Bora Bora."

There you have it. That's all we know, so far, about Weber's relationship. If you want to learn more, you could pull a Frank and do some heavy investigating and blackmailing. However, can you really blame the man for wanting to keep his private life, well, private? For those who are still curious, here are some photos shared by McGorry and Findlay from their time in Mexico It sure looks like they had fun!

Congrats to Weber on his exciting news!