14 Shakespeare Themed Etsy Finds That Every Fan Of The Bard Will Want Immediately

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Hark, Shakespeare-lovers! Gather ‘round this humble blogger, for I bring you wonders most fine from the far-away lands of Etsy (OK, so, not that far). These rare delights celebrate the poetry and plays of the Bard himself, letting you show your devotion in your home, your pantry, and even on your person. Forsooth, you already own a multitude of battered playbooks and sonnet collections, but those aren’t enough to satisfy your need to shine “I LOVE SHAKESPEARE” like a neon light floating above your head. So, verily, it’s time to shop.

But perhaps you’re wondering if it’s all too much. Will having Shakespeare everywhere, from your leggings to your phone, make you seem a bit mad? As Rosalind asks in ­As You Like It, "Can one desire too much of a good thing?" No; the answer is no. So, go, get thee to a nunnery! … I mean, Etsy. Get thee to Etsy.

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