Chris Pratt Knew Anna Faris Was His Soul Mate When She Was Still Married To Someone Else, & I Kinda Feel Bad For Her Ex


There's nothing I love more than a good, old-fashioned love story in which a couple admits they always knew they were meant to be together. Things can get kind of tricky, as Chris Pratt recently proved, when one partner is gushing about falling for the other — actress Anna Faris in this case — when she was still very much a married woman. Awkward! The 35-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor recently admitted in an interview with Elle magazine that he and his 38-year-old wife totally fell for each other while playing lovers in Take Me Home Tonight in 2007 — when she was still married to Ben Indra.

True, Pratt and Faris have been married since 2009, but can enough time ever really pass before it becomes acceptable to confess this?

It should be noted that even though he admits he was hot for her and there was an immediate "connection" on set, Pratt claims he and Faris never hooked up while there was still a wedding ring on her finger. Here's what he had to say to Elle:


I don't know, maybe there is an unspoken statute of limitations on how long you have to wait until you can wax poetic about your formerly married partner. Perhaps the fact that Faris and Pratt are now parents to a 3-year-old boy named Jack means enough water has flowed under that bridge and it's safe to be truthful and own up to something that can happen in relationships. People can sometimes get close and fall in love, regardless of their marital status — and this is probably even more likely to occur when there is already trouble at home.

This isn't the first time Pratt has sang Faris' praises in such a way. In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session last month, he responded to a fan's question about his relationship with his wife by saying:

I guess I feel a little bad for Indra, who is also an actor, but who hasn't enjoyed quite the same level of success as Faris and Pratt. It must be difficult for him to read Pratt's words, think back to that time, and have to admit to himself that, yeah, someone else connected with Faris and they weren't really meant to be. At first I was a little take aback by the Jurassic World star's disclosure, but I'm going on the record to say, if you're a solid enough couple to share a child, all bets are off. And if the person singing your praises is Chris Pratt and he uses phrases like "divine intervention" to describe your union, sorry, but I'm too busy swooning over here to pass judgement.

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