Who Is Teresa Giudice's Prison Roommate?

Ever since former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice entered prison to serve her 15-month prison sentence for fraud charges, many of her fans have become curious about her life in jail. How is she doing? How is her family? Will she get out early? More specifically, who is Giudice's prison roommate? According to Radar Online, Giudice's cellmate is named Jennifer Kirk and the two have something in common — fraud.

Apparently, Kirk was part of a $30 million fraud scheme, which landed her in prison for more than 15 years. Per a CBS news affiliate in St. Louis, federal prosecutors say Kirk employed telemarketers who "falsely told timeshare owners in unsolicited calls that they had buyers for their properties." In addition to going to jail for somewhat similar crimes, both Kirk and Giudice are from New Jersey. Kirk grew up in Howell, New Jersey, which is one hour south of the reality star's home.

Per a source who spoke with In Touch, it's been reported that Giudice's cellmate is friends with Renee Graziano, who is from Mob Wives and also friends with Giudice. To be clear, the report doesn't reveal Graziano's friend's name who is Giudice's cellmate, but there's a chance that it is Kirk.

So, do Giudice and Kirk get along? On several occasions, Giudice's family, including her husband, Joe, and daughter, Gia, have said she is doing well. Actually, Gia once said that her mom is doing "amazing." As for Joe, he told Us Weekly in April that the prison is not a "horrible place." He also said, "She never says anything bad."

Whether she and reported roommate Kirk are or are not getting along, it hasn't officially been said. However, Giudice's lawyer told People , “Any reports that she is behaving like a diva in prison and not getting along with [them] is 1,000 percent is false. She is getting along well with everyone all the way down the line.” He also said she has a “little group” of friends.