'OUAT' Won't Be Handing Out Happy Endings Soon

If you're as obsessed with Once Upon A Time as I am, you're probably going to spend the next few months of the hiatus thinking about how things were left during the Season 4 finale and what's going to happen once Season 5 airs this fall. Both are pretty daunting to consider. On one hand, we know that Emma's the new Dark One, Regina might just be the new Savior, of sorts, and Rumpel's, well... he's not much of anything anymore (and something tells me he won't take too kindly to that). On the other hand, there's still a whole lot that's left up in the air, and when it comes to Storybrooke and its residents, that's a pretty scary prospect. There is one thing, however, we should all cross of our list for Season 5: happy endings.

Because Once is all about fairy tale characters, it stands to reason that each would be looking for his or her own so-called "happy ending" — the ultimate fulfillment, in whatever form that may come. Generally it's been in the form of everlasting love and peace on earth and all that jazz, and frankly, it hasn't really worked out for much of anyone besides Snow White and Prince Charming, and even that's been rather touch-and-go at times. And while Emma's sacrifice in "Operation Mongoose" to ensure Regina received her happy ending after all this time was certainly a wonderfully caring gesture, I think it's fair to say it was one made in vain. After all, happy endings tend to backfire on this show in one way or another, and I can see that continuing in Season 5.

Here are some things that are likely to go very, very wrong for our favorite Storybrooke heroes (and villains), despite their best wishes.

Emma Told Hook She Loves Him, Then Sacrificed Her Soul For Regina

I mean, I'm sorry to make everyone face the uncomfortable truth here, but Emma finally got brave enough to take the next step in her relationship with Killian by vocalizing that she loves him... only to turn around five seconds after and be like, "L8Rs!" as she tethered the darkness to herself and became the Dark One because REGINA deserved a happy ending. Yikes. That doesn't bode well.

Regina Has Robin, But He's Having A Baby With Her Sister

It's a shame that Emma sacrificed her soul to become the Dark One so that Regina could keep her happiness, because I guarantee you she's not gonna find it with Robin. Settle down, Outlaw Queen fans — lest we forget that Robin's having a baby with Regina's sister / mortal enemy, Zelena. Considering the drama that situation will no doubt bring, along with the guilt Regina will feel over Emma's sacrifice (which will likely become an obsession with finding a way to save her), I don't think romance will be in the air for Regina and Robin for long.

Rumpel/Gold's Got Belle Back But Lost His Powers

All Gold wanted for his happy ending was to get back with Belle, since he realized all too late just how much he loved her and how he ruined everything with, you know, being manipulative and rotten to the core. Well, his whole "Help, My Heart Is Almost Completely Black!" act won her back, but once he wakes up and realize his life was saved at the expense of his power (which he's made it clear many times is the thing he values most), something tells me that happy ending will still be evasive for him.

Henry's The Author, But Broke The Pen He Needs To Write

I know Henry was being all noble and honorable when, after becoming the Author and saving the day using Regina's sacrificial blood, he snapped his writing pen in half because he recognized that no one should have as much power as it imbued on its holder. But, like, that was kinda dumb, right? After all, being able to help write a narrative that would get his other mom back might have come in handy, even if it was going to be the "easy way out".

Snow & Charming Were Reunited With Emma, Only To Lose Her Again

Snow and Charming have lost Emma on a few occasions, first by sending her through the tree into this world, and then by lying to her about cursing Lily to keep her safe. Both decisions created a pretty big wedge between them, and it seems like things were just getting to a good place when Emma went dark and left them to figure out how to save her. This whole family thing has been a bit hard to lock down for the Charmings, hasn't it?

The Blue Fairy Helped Free The Apprentice From The Hat, But He's Useless

It was all fine and well to imagine that freeing the Apprentice from the hat where Gold forced Hook to trap him would solve all their problems, but it turns out that the Apprentice's recovery has been an exercise in uselessness. He can't actually do anything to contain the Darkness — that's Merlin, and he's nowhere to be found just yet. Thanks for nothing, Apprentice!

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