'Pitch Perfect's Fat Amy Taught Us A Lot

It's always a good thing when I get to talk about the aca-awesome movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, and an even better day when I get to talk about my fave character. I'm speaking, of course, about one Ms. Fat Amy, the fabulous Barden Bella portrayed by the equally fabulous Rebel Wilson. In Pitch Perfect, Fat Amy brought powerful pipes, sass, confidence, and inimitable charisma to the Bellas, along with some of the movie's most memorable one-liners. Never one to disappoint, Fat Amy was equally as addictive to watch in Pitch Perfect 2, and die-hard fans got the pleasure of watching Fat Amy's hilarious romance with Bumper develop.

Along with Fat Amy's brash jokes and powerful pipes — not to mention those sweet dance moves — there are several facets to Fat Amy's character that are inspirational and empowering. Like her portrayer, Fat Amy is one who teaches us all to be comfortable in our own skin, eschewing faulty conventions and double standards. She also pursues her dreams, even if taking on these passions seems like a challenging feat. As an avid fan of the Pitch Perfect franchise and Fat Amy, I have decided to take a shrewd look at the lessons the character has taught us and comprised said lessons into a list for all to enjoy. You. Are Welcome.

Pursue Your Dreams

Fat Amy has never been one to shy away from an opportunity, regardless of what barriers may be in place. Pursuing your dreams can be scary, but remember that having regrets and living with the thought of "what if?" can be far worse than the fear.

Believe In Yourself & Have Confidence

Fat Amy is just as much of a beacon of confidence and inspiration as her fabulous portrayer, Rebel Wilson.

Think With Your Head, Not Your "Toner"

During a party scene in Pitch Perfect, Fat Amy rebuffs Bumper's obnoxious advances, even though we later find out he can make her heart sing. Basically, stay true to yourself, even if someone gives you a bit of a "toner."

Don't Put On Pretenses

It can be easy to fall in line with the status quo, especially when we fear being judged. Fat Amy was always completely herself in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, which is inspiring. We should all be able to feel comfortable in our own skin, even if it's not everybody's cup of tea. You're aca-awesome just the way you are!

It's OK To Make Mistakes

In Pitch Perfect 2, Fat Amy is literally centerstage when she has a wardrobe malfunction in front of a massive audience, including President Barack Obama. She bounces back, though, and doesn't allow the embarrassment to keep her from staying true to her confident, fabulous self.

Explore Your Many Talents

Not only did Fat Amy tout her amazing vocal skills during her initial audition for the Barden Bellas, she also let them know she was an expert at the little-known art of "mermaid dancing" — and you better believe she showed off her skills.

Sometimes You Have To Be Brutally Honest

Never one to bite her tongue, Fat Amy often told the Bellas exactly what they needed to hear, even if it wasn't the most pleasant of things.

Never Adhere To Double Standards

As archaic as double standards are — like those that reward men for hooking up, while women are shamed for the same behavior — they sadly still exist. Fat Amy never adhered to such double standards (go girl!), like when she decided she was ready to give in to her "toner" for Bumper in Pitch Perfect 2. And she did it all on her own terms, which is just fabulous.

Watch Out For Flying Burritos

Burritos are delicious, but if we learned anything from Pitch Perfect, it's that they can also lead to catastrophe when placed in the wrong hands.

Friendships Are The Best Ships

Friendship #FTW! Toners may come and go, but aca-mazing friendships are for life.

It's OK To Fall In Love

Just liking someone — or, as Carly Rae Jepson would say, "really, really, really, really, really, really" liking someone — can be scary. Falling in love? Absolutely terrifying. In Pitch Perfect 2, Fat Amy initially runs away (literally) from the idea of love with Bumper. She eventually comes around to the idea, though, and faces her fears by serenading him from a canoe in one of the most epic scenes of all time IMHO.

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