What Do Rachel Green's Hairstyles Say About You?

by Tracy Dye

Ah, Friends. Nothing can set my nostalgic heart aflutter quite like this iconic sitcom from the 1990s. Thanks to things like boxsets and Netflix, Friends can be enjoyed in its entirety over and over again. There are so many things I can wax poetic about in regard to the series — and if you check my posts regularly, you'll see that I do just that — but we only have so much time today, so I'll set my sights on one subject. Throughout the series, we watched our favorite sextet go through a series of different fashions and hairstyles, and no one was given shrewder observation than Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green.

Since debuting "The Rachel" early in the series, Aniston has become a certifiable hairstyle icon. She tried out a variety of styles throughout the seasons and there was not a single one that disappointed. Rachel rocked a bob, long layers, even longer layers, a lob, and even experimented a bit with color. With so many chic 'dos to choose from, how do you decide on a favorite? Well, you're going to have to, because as someone with a PhD in Hair Awesomeness (disclaimer: I completely made that up and have never obtained a PhD), I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of Rachel's most iconic hairstyles. Your favorite style may be very telling of your personality, as you are about to find out.

Below The Shoulders With An Auburn Tint

So sophisticated! As a redhead myself, I was delighted to see Rachel experiment with some gingery color in Season 3. If this is you're favorite look, you're the type that can be classy and sophisticated, but are far from conservative. You love adding a little pop to your style and friends are always excited to see you come out on the weekend once the work week is done. You're a blast!

Sleek Bob

After being used to seeing either "The Rachel" or long layered looks (how's that for alliteration?), Rachel's locks were chopped into this sleek bob. Rachel being Rachel — and Aniston being Aniston— looked great, of course, even though this was drastically different from the looks we had become accustomed to. If this is your favorite look, you're someone who knows how to rock a great 'do (seriously, your look is totally on fleek), but hair is hair. You've got way too many things to do and people to see to worry yourself with locks extending all the way to your lower back. A quick blow-dry and spray and you are off to your next awesome endeavor.

Tousled Waves

This was Rachel's original look! Some people think "The Rachel" was, but no. Jennifer Aniston began the series with tousled ways that fell just a bit below the shoulders. If this is your favorite style, your personality may be similar to those that favor the sleek bob. However, you're likely more of an adventurer. Did you just get a last-minute invite to a concert two towns over on a Tuesday night? Um, you're there like swimwear. Duh.

The Super-Long Look

I forget whether these were extensions or if Aniston's hair just magically grew four inches one day. Either way, this look is fabulous. If this was you're favorite look, you are a free spirit with a lot of patience. I mean, anyone that would be able to grow their hair to that length (or pay for it to appear to be that length) must have a lot of will power, either with allowing their hair to get that long before chopping it off, or saving that many pennies for extensions.

The Bangs-Tucked-Away Look

You are growing out your bangs.

The Updo

Rachel was a master of updos. If this is you're favorite look, you are quite the classy gem and also the envy of your friends, as you have mastered the art of clipping and making friends with bobby pins. You also don't enjoy having hair in your face, because, seriously,who has time for that?

The Tousled Lob

If the aforementioned sleek bob and tousled waves got married and had a baby, this hairstyle is what would come out of that union. If this is your favorite look, you're always up for a good time but you've also hit a point of maturity where last-minute plans in the middle of the week aren't always your forte. You're always up for a fun time, but you'd appreciate just a couple days notice, please. Also, after marrying Ross in Las Vegas, you've become a bit more cognizant when it comes to spontaneous outings.

Long With Angled Bangs

If this is you're favorite look, you likely are laid-back but hardworking. You are very aware of fashion and beauty trends and — although long hair is absolutely fabulous — you get bored with just one style. Adding an angled bang is a great way to add some pop to your 'do without going for something drastic.

The Rachel

We had to save the best — or at least the most infamous — for last! "The Rachel" haircut became a favorite request at hair salons during the '90s thanks to Aniston debuting this 'do early in the series. If this is your favorite look, you are a fan of nostalgia (I mean, really, who isn't?) and you don't allow current trends to dictate your personal style. You'll rock this look today if it suits you, thank you very much. You are also likely a huge fan of Friends, which is fabulous all on its own.

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