A Genius Life Hack For Cyclists In Skirts

Being able to wear dresses and skirts without all those layers of undergarments underneath is a sure sign that hotter days are here, which means you might also want to break out your bike at the same time that you ditch those tights. Biking and certain types of outfits don’t always go together, but Penny In Yo’ Pants’ allows you to bike in a skirt with ease, so that you don’t have to sacrifice cuteness to get some exercise.

You may remember Penny In Yo’ Pants from last summer, but if you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out. It’s possibly the most genius life hack ever. Basically, the original concept was that all you need is a penny and a rubber band to keep from flashing your undies to the world when riding your bike in a dress or skirt. And how exactly does that work? Well, before the recent upgrade, all you had to do was put a penny at the back of your skirt, push it forward, gathering fabric from your skirt, and then fasten it with a rubber band, making a button of sorts. Super simple, huh?

It really is, I promise. But if you didn’t catch all of that (it’s kind of hard to explain), there’s a video that will help demonstrate below. Check it out!

But now, that easy peasy concept has been reimagined to be more stylish. By creating a hard outer shell (made of faux leather — fancy!) with a removable center, the Penny In Yo’ Pants crew have created something wearable even for those moments when you're not on your bike.

Then, if you decide to go for a bike ride, no need to go searching for a penny (because who carries change anymore?) and a rubber band — just pull the stylish “coin” from your scarf or shirt to turn your skirt or dress into a garment that won’t cause you to flash any unsuspecting bystanders on the street.

Now you're all fastened and ready to go.

Told you it was the best life hack ever! Try the amazing product out by supporting the Penny In Yo’ Pants crew on Indigogo starting June 5th Five percent of each sale will be donated to the Afghanistan Women’s Cycling team to aid in their training and development.

So, ladies, what do you say? Let’s go for a bike ride, shall we?

Images: Penny In Yo' Pants(3)