8 Honeymoon Hacks To Save You Money

So you've made it through months of wedding planning (hopefully you weren't a total bridezilla), family drama, costly menus, stressed finances, and the actual big day (which was so totally worth it) — and now it's time to finally sit back, relax, and enjoy a vacation as official newlyweds. But what's that? You have a budget you have to stick to? Not to worry — these honeymoon hacks are the perfect solution for couples who are trying to save money on a honeymoon, and still indulge in some major perks while basking in the glow of married life. Yes, my friends, it really is possible to have it all, and for cheap.

Traveling in general can be extremely stressful and costly, but when you're a newlywed, it really doesn't have to be. Airlines, hotels, and businesses love to make honeymoons more special for the Mr. and Mrs., so make sure you take advantage of them in every way possible. Whether it be asking for a free or discounted upgrade, making smart purchases, or creating an itinerary that revolves around extra perks, there are ways to save money and still have the time of your life. Check out this list of eight compiled honeymoon hacks, and get to work — after those months of wedding planning, your honeymoon should be your reward, after all.

1. Talk to the airport clerk at check-in

You've probably heard this one a million times, or at the very least, seen it on a television show — but there's a reason for that... it can actually work! Tell the airport clerk that it's your honeymoon when you check in at the front desk, and ask if there's any way he or she can upgrade you to first class. Even if it's not an entirely free upgrade, you're likely to get a hefty discount.

2. Talk to the front desk at your hotel

Getting a free upgrade at a hotel is relatively easy if there are available rooms, which there usually are. Telling the front desk that it's your honeymoon is almost guaranteed to get you that suite upgrade, and maybe even a bottle of bubbly.

3. Talk to your restaurant server

Tell every restaurant server you have during your honeymoon that you are a newlywed, then indulge in a ton of free dessert and some more champagne. Plus, you'll probably receive overall better service.

4. Use a travel agent

With all that wedding planning you had to do, let someone else do the work for the honeymoon. Travel agents are usually free (they take their cut from the airlines), and can find you the best deals around. They also have a wider knowledge of different events and festivities taking place in different travel destinations to help liven up your trip.

5. Take a "stay-cation"

When it comes to traveling, the majority of money is spent on plane tickets. Cut out this major fee by instead choosing to take a "stay-cation" somewhere local. Truth be told, "stay-cations" are normally the most relaxing and rejuvenating of all vacations, and isn't that exactly what a honeymoon is all about?

6. Take advantage of layovers

We normally think of layovers as being a bad thing, but they can actually help cheapen a trip. Instead of planning a three hour layover, plan a three day layover so you can enjoy your time in multiple cities during your honeymoon while still cutting costs.

7. Go on a cruise

When you really think about it, cruises are an awesome deal. Their total price includes not only the travel cost, but the room, food, and entertainment. Now that's a score.

8. Check out Groupon

Groupon (and other sites like it) specializes in package deals, meaning you can get way more for less. Once you know where you want to travel on your honeymoon, take a look on Groupon or LivingSocial for the city's deals. Instant savings, guaranteed.

Images: Sven Herwig/Flickr, Giphy (8)