Buying A Formal Plus-size Gown Just Got Easier

When size inclusive formalwear brand Fame & Partners collaborated with plus-size blogger Liz Black on a collection of 10 gowns named after feminist heroes, I was pretty excited. And now that the brand has announced that it'll be expanding its size range to a US 26 on every single dress it offers, I'm completely stoked. The optimist in me can't help but think this is a sign of the normalization of non-segregated plus-size shopping experiences.

The brand isn't just offering generic formalwear, either. Its bespoke creations are customizable and tailored after the latest trends. Meaning you're less likely to be stuck in the same pastel mumu that the mother of the bride is wearing, and are going to have some choice when it comes to contemporary silhouettes.

Looking for a dress for a formal event that's chic, trendy, and also happens to be plus-size can feel like an impossible task at times. At every bridal store, it feels like you're being taxed with extra costs related to making a garment above a size 12 — and it's not like you're even swooning over any of the five styles they actually make in plus anyway.

This is why Fame & Partners is such an appealing alternative: The gowns are affordable and have variety. All dresses range from $150-350 and come with a complimentary personal styling service. Uh, score. From two piece co-ord sets to plunging gowns, there are enough styles to outfit a contestant's whole season of The Bachelor — and then some. No matter the occasion, you're sure to find your perfect fit.

Adriana Gown, $279,

Isabelle Gown, $249,

Valerie Gown, $259,

This is just the latest example of size inclusiveness paying off hugely for brands this year, and I hope that more retailers and designers will quickly follow suit.

Images: Courtesy Fame & Partners