What Happened To Sydney On 'Pretty Little Liars'?

As if we needed another psycho swimmer to join the ranks of Rosewood High School (Paige and her drowning ways were enough IMHO), Sydney Driscoll transferred to the school in the beginning of Season 5 to watch Emily swim (she’s pretty obsessed with her) and I guess also swim, though she spends more time lurking in hallways than taking laps in the pool. We haven’t seen Sydney since the mid-season Christmas episode, “How the A Stole Christmas,” so should we expect to see Sydney in Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars ?

Let’s do a little recapping here. Like I mentioned, Sydney popped in off a cloud (actually, the actress, Chloe Bridges, came to Rosewood after playing villainess mean girl Donna LaDonna on The Carrie Diaries, but that’s neither here nor there) and immediately tries to hit on Emily. Paige and the audience were like “not now, sis.” That trio eats pizza (a lot of pizza together, actually), and soon it was revealed that Sydney was not only best pals with Jenna and Mona, but she was a part of Mona’s anti-Alison army. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

Sydney spent the next few episodes trying to divide and conquer the liars, but she was totally awful at it. Like, really bad. Asking leading questions, saying stupid things, making it really obvious she was up to no good — it was just bad. Being on Mona’s team makes Sydney obviously anti-liars, and she was upset at just how she liked Emily. That’s the thing, Syd: If you can’t run with the big dogs, you better stay on the porch. Last we saw Donna LaDonna, I mean Sydney, she was at the Masquerade Ice Ball talking to Jenna and Emily about how they all think that Alison killed Mona.

Though I can’t think that her storyline is wrapped up, mostly because no one is ever really dead, metaphorically or literally, on Pretty Little Liars, I just can’t see where Sydney’s storyline is heading. When we jump back into Rosewood for the Season 6 premiere, presumably the liars and Mona are still in Charles’ underground lair, Ali is doing press conferences and is released from jail (or so it seems), and Caleb and Ezra are standing around looking concerned.

Sydney can only fit into the new season in two ways: She’s either a secret part of the A team with Charles, or she’s a part of the team that Melissa and CeCe inhabit that’s trying to take Charles down. At this stage in the game with A, it’s too hard to introduce a third option. I know Marlene King loves to screw with the fans, but if we’re ever going to wrap this thing up, she’s gotta get down to business.

My guess is that Sydney is a part of the group chosen to take Charles down. Another option is that Charles has something on Sydney, and that’s why she was trying to gain the liars’ secrets and why she joined the anti-Alison army. She was way too awkward when she was trying to suck information out of Hanna and the crew, and I think that if she were really capable of evil, like Mona or Charles, it would come much more easily to her. Sydney is not the sociopath that we need her to be in order for her to be a part of Charles’ army for realsies.

Now, all we can do it wait for Sydney’s return (if she comes back at all), and wait for the Season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars, airing June 2.

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