Enrique Keeps Performing Amidst A Bloody Injury

Occasionally I read news stories about musical artists who have behaviors fans don't always love. For example, I hear about stars who refuse to pose for pictures, like selfie queen Kim Kardashian. There's Rebel Wilson, who refuses to sign autographs because she doesn't want people to sell them online. Then there's Zayn Malik, who left the One Direction in the middle of a tour due to "stress," before debuting his own solo material. But Enrique Iglesias, the Latin superstar who is as sexy as he is talented, will do anything for his fans. He'll even keep performing after spilling his own blood. Enrique Iglesias suffered a pretty serious injury at his concert over the weekend — but he continued singing until the show was over.

Yes, you read that read. He didn't postpone the concert or end it early, he just kept on performing for his beloved fans. He was actually bleeding all over the place — the stage, his shirt, etc. — and still kept going. In fact, there was so much blood, that he used his own blood to draw a heart on his white shirt in honor of his fans. Wow. Like, wow. That is some serious dedication. No one could ever accuse Enrique Iglesias of being a diva by any means. And his fans certainly appreciated his effort.

So how did he get into such a bloody mess? There was a drone at the concert which is used to take photos of the crowd, and Iglesias attempted to take the drone into his own hands when his finger was sliced. Why did he do this? It was revealed in a statement that "some nights Enrique grabs the drone to give the audience a point of view shot." And after his injury, Iglesias reportedly continued playing for 30 minutes. Damn.

Hopefully Enrique Iglesias is finally getting some rest and taking care of his injury. I'm sure the performance was unforgettable and that the fans appreciate his diligence and enthusiasm for putting on a good show. With any luck he will be fully recovered soon and ready to perform again. Let's just hope that he's more careful the next time he wants to throw a little improv into his performance.

Images: MikeSington, SLPrimavera/Twitter