Britt & Brady Are Still Being Adorable Together

by Nicole Pomarico

I was definitely rooting for Kaitlyn Bristowe to be The Bachelorette this season, but when Chris Harrison announced that Kaitlyn had won and Britt Nilsson had to go home, it was still pretty heartbreaking to see Britt so devastated. Obviously, she really wanted to do the whole Bachelorette thing, but I have a feeling Britt's pretty happy about the way things went right about now, and it's all because of Brady Toops. Britt and Brady are the cutest together, and their relationship never would have happened if she had won that vote on night one.

Because even though Britt isn't the Bachelorette this season, she got her love story anyway. Everything seems to be working out for these two crazy kids, and now that their relationship is public, they've been all over social media, sharing a ton of adorable couple photos. Not that I'm complaining — bring it on! If you ask me, Britt's the real winner here. She went straight to the good stuff without having to suffer through rose ceremonies, mediating fights between the contestants (who have been surprisingly catty this season), or dates with J.J.

Not convinced that Britt and Brady are the cutest ever yet? Don't worry — these photos will convince you.

When They Wore Matching Beanies

They make a beautiful pair of coordinating hipsters, don't you agree?

This Ridiculously Cute Screenshot

I sincerely hope ABC continues to update us on their relationship every week, because I think it's so awesome that they managed to hit it off like this. What are the chances that the guy who left the show for Britt actually ended up being so compatible with her?

When They Were Cute In Nature

It's a beautiful view, and this photo looks like it came straight off of a cute couples-themed Tumblr account. I'm obsessed.

This Black And White Selfie

I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but how gorgeous will their children be?!

Their Cute BFF Pose

Stop it, you guys. This is too much.

The Classic Kissing Selfie

I'll just be over here, dreaming of the day Britt shows up at my door to teach me how to apply makeup and look this flawless close up.

And Another Sweet Kiss From The Show

ABC is clearly trying to kill us.

And One More Beanie Pic To Round The Whole Thing Out

That caption. Brady and Britt 4Ever!

Image: screengrab/ABC