'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Stars Steal The Show At CCTVs

The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired a few weeks ago, and I’m already going through withdrawal for the cast of my favorite show. Luckily, Chelsea Peretti and Terry Crews presented an award at the Critics' Choice Television Awards for Best Made For TV Movie on Sunday night, and they were totally awkward and totally adorable. Even though It did make me miss the show even more.

Crews started off the bit saying that he loves made-for-television movies because they are usually sappy, dramatic, and often about drug-related problems, to which Peretti replied, “And I am on drugs right now.” Then, when met with what I’m sure were blank stares from the audience, they both erupted into a fit of giggles. Even though they knew that their little sketch was tanking, they both had fun with it and went for it, and I admire their dedication to the comedy. Presenting at award shows has to be pretty awkward, especially if you’re a) drunk or b) nervous, so I always appreciate when stars try and do something a little different to take the edge off of their time on stage. Crews and Peretti chose to cope with the situation by being unabashedly silly. Here’s a look at their skit:

It also heartens me to know that a cast that seems like they have so much fun together on the small screen, actually have fun together in real life, too! It’s like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the big, happy family of my dreams.