11 '90s Songs You Loved To Lip Sync To

I've always loved pop music, so when I was growing up in the '90s, it was not uncommon for me to come home from school, shut my bedroom door, and just listen to the radio for hours and hours on end. My boombox was one of my most prized possessions. Obviously, the iTunes store didn't exist yet, so I would put on my local top 40 station and record my favorite '90s songs on cassette tapes. I had to know all of the lyrics to each one. Why? So my dramatic lip-syncing could be completely, 100-percent accurate, of course!

Now, I know what you're thinking, but before you pass judgment, please consider these wise words: "Let he or she who has never lip-synced alone in his or her bedroom cast the first stone."

Yeah, that's what I thought.

We've all lip-synced in the privacy of our own homes at some point. There's... almost nothing to be ashamed of! The '90s were an especially good time for lip-syncing because the radio waves were full of songs by big-voiced singers like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Christina Aguilera. There were more show-stopping vocal acrobatics than you could shake a Beanie Baby at. (Not a rare one like Spot the dog or Squealer the pig, of course — a common, worthless one that you probably didn't mind shaking... like Goldie the goldfish, for example.)

When you were lip-syncing and you were really in the zone, the troubles of the day just melted away. You were a star! You juuust had to make sure no one else was watching because your spastic dance moves, exaggerated jaw movements, and wild diva gesticulating were kind of embarrassing.

Here are 11 '90s songs you definitely used to lip-sync to:

Mariah Carey — "Fantasy"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:13 - 3:38

La Bouche — "Be My Lover"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:16 - 3:26

Christina Aguilera — "Genie In a Bottle"

Key lip-syncing moment: 2:54 - 3:02

En Vogue — "Don't Let Go"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:21 - 3:48

LeAnn Rimes — "How Do I Live"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:14 - 3:48

Deborah Cox — "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here"

Key lip-syncing moment: 2:25 - 2:41

Celine Dion — "My Heart Will Go On"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:24 - end

Brandy & Monica — "The Boy Is Mine"

Key lip-syncing moment: The whole damn thing. (You lip-synced both parts, naturally.)

Cher — "Believe"

Key lip-syncing moment: 2:25 - 2:52

Toni Braxton — "Un-break My Heart"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:52 - 4:03

Whitney Houston — "It's Not Right But It's Okay"

Key lip-syncing moment: 3:19 - 3:47

Images: Max Chen/YouTube; Giphy (10); Whitney Houston Elvis Presley Fans/YouTube