Bethenny Frankel's Single Lifestyle Is #Goals

Anyone who's been watching The Real Housewives of New York City this season knows that Bethenny Frankel has been going through a tough time. Her divorce still isn't finalized, her custody situation with daughter Bryn isn't exactly ideal, and the rest of RHONY women are being needlessly tough on her. But, despite all of her struggles, Bethenny is better than ever. Instead of judging her for some of the off-color-but-still-hilarious things she says, we should be applauding her for her newly-single lifestyle.

I've been a Bethenny fan since Day 1, so I'll admit that I'm a little bit biased. I think Bethenny is smart, savvy, funny, and strong, and she's basically #goals for all of us. I love that, despite the fact that she's clearly hurting, she's still true to herself. She didn't feel the need to invite everyone to her birthday party, she (finally!) called Heather out on the obnoxious and rather nauseating way she calls everyone "mama", and she tried to take the time to help Sonja when she could have just worried about herself instead.

To say that Bethenny is the greatest person ever isn't exactly an understatement, but I haven't met every person ever, so I guess I'll just take a step back and say that she's just pretty effing great. And, honestly, she's just getting better every day. Here are seven reasons we should all embrace Bethenny's single lifestyle:

1. She's Empowering Single Women Everywhere

There are so many single mothers and businesswoman out there, and Bethenny is a great example of someone who can pull herself up by the bootstraps and succeed even when the going gets tough.

2. She's More Herself Than Ever

She's filter-less once again, and filter-less Bethenny is the best kind of Bethenny.

3. She's Using Her Own Experience To Help Others

She's one of the few RHONY women who actually seems to want to help a clearly-struggling Sonja and a slightly-struggling Ramona. She's not mocking them or saying that she "likes Ramona better single" like Luann did — she understands the fact that these women are in pain. She's drawing on her own experiences, not to make their problems about her, but to help them effectively. Considering how much she has on her own plate, it's awesome to see her doing that.

4. She's Not Letting Her Struggles Affect Her Humor

I can't even imagine how hard it must be to maintain a sense of humor when going through what Bethenny is going through. But, from her first few minutes back on RHONY, it's clear that she still doesn't need to take herself so seriously all the time. If that's not a sign of a well-adjusted woman, then I don't know what is.

5. She's Getting Back In Touch With Her Roots

She's gotten farther in getting over her past on her own than she ever did when she was married to Jason Hoppy. Her trip down to Miami to meet with the only father she'd ever known was proof of that.

6. She's Giving RHONY A More Realistic Image Of Women In NYC

Guys, in case you didn't know, there are tons of women in NYC who have kids, aren't dating, and have to maintain a serious, time-consuming career. This season Bethenny is super relatable.

7. She's Back On RHONY To Begin With

I can only assume that her newfound singledom (new word?) was at least kind of a contributing factor to her return to RHONY, and I'm so glad it was. She makes the show better, and I've missed her in my life.

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