Princess Charlotte's Next Public Outing Won't Be For A While, But There Are Still Many Events To Look Forward To

It's a big week for a great deal of people, but royal baby enthusiasts know that Princess Charlotte's one month birthday was on Monday. While royal fans rejoiced at the occasion, we're all also starting to wonder: When the heck are we going to see Princess Kate's second child again? It's been one month since the world last laid eyes on Charlotte and her mother, Kate Middleton, and the everyone (OK, me) is foaming at the mouth to get a peek at the princess. After all, by this time in Prince George's life, photos of him with his parents in the garden had already been released.

Those first pictures of George came out in the days before he turned 1 month old, which means the clock is ticking for when we will next see Charlotte. Will there be pictures from the Middleton family home? Will they be of the whole family, including Prince George? Will there be an adorable picture of the little Prince holding his baby sister like all big brothers do, in his lap and timidly cupping her head? And, more importantly, will Middleton's hair look as sun-kissed and perfectly curled as it always does?

I'm banking on the answers to those questions being yes, yes, I HOPE SO BECAUSE OMG THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE, and duh of course.


My royal radar is on full alert, and I promise to do my best to report any sightings as soon as I see them. In the meantime, there are a number of events (both scheduled and anticipated) that promise to tide over your royal baby cravings.

1. Kate Middleton's first public appearance

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pencil June 13th into your planners, Anglophiles, because the Duchess herself may make her first public appearance that day. If she does, she will join Prince William at Trooping the Colour, the annual parade to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Because no one stands up the Queen.

2. Princess Charlotte's christening


Royal predictors are guessing that the Christening will happen sometime in late July, before the Queen leaves for her annual summer break in North Scotland. It will most likely be a private affair (boo!), but we'll at least get video coverage of the Princess being escorted into the church, and formal shots of the royal fam afterward.

3. Prince William's continued public appearances

In the meantime, Prince William continues to make public appearances, dropping cute little hints about life with Charlotte and accepting gifts on her behalf. Like pink wellies for her perfect wittle baby feet! It's enough to satisfy anyone's royal baby mania for at least a day or two.

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