An Ode To Christina's "Red Hot Kinda Love"

Now that June has begun, many of us are searching for the perfect summer anthem. We want a song that we can dance to OR put on in the background during casual get-togethers with friends. We want a song that's breezy and fun. We want a song that will become lodged in our brains for months on end. We want a song that has it all! It's a tall order, but believe it or not, I think I've found it: Christina Aguilera's "Red Hot Kinda Love" from her 2012 album, Lotus. Yup, Aguilera dropped a flawless summer anthem over two and a half years ago and many people have never even heard of it! That, my friends, is a crying shame.

What went wrong? It's simple: "Red Hot Kinda Love" was never released as a single. It was never given a chance to shine. What was the 34-year-old singer's record label, RCA, thinking? I honestly have no idea. It's the summer hit that got away. (Trust me, you'll understand what I mean once you hear it.)

It's time, my friends, to give "Red Hot Kinda Love" the... love it deserves. From its groovy beat to its catchy chorus (I think it's the catchiest hook Aguilera's ever recorded, by the way), "Red Hot Kinda Love" is pure pop perfection. Check it out for yourself below.

What specifically about "Red Hot Kinda Love" is sooo amazing? Let's see...

The Beat

I can't control my body!

The Vocals

She sounds like an angel.

The Pre-Chorus

"So can you coo-ool-ool-ool me down?"

Well, can you?

The Chorus

You can't see me, but I'm body rolling super hard right now.

The "La La La's"

Anyone can sing along!


In reality, everything about this tune is spot-on.

Go forth and spread the word! Make Xtina's "Red Hot Kinda Love" your 2015 summer anthem. Like, right now.

Images: Giphy (5); -emmaaa/Tumblr; madamebabyjane/Tumblr