Ramona's Hamptons House Is Positively Presidential

The White House, the home of the President of the United States, is probably the most famous and important residence in the country. And, so, when watching The Real Housewives of New York City, I kept finding it coming into my mind, over and over again: Ramona Singer's Hamptons house is basically the White House. Seriously, even though President Obama and Ramona couldn't be more different, their home bases are surprisingly similar. And, don't ever doubt that Ramona takes her job as HBIC of the Real Housewives of New York anything less than incredibly seriously. One of the biggest reasons why this comparison makes so much sense is that if there was a RHONY president, it would be Ramona.

I mean, Sonja has a big staff and a million things on her docket every day, but her house, as much as I love it, is a mess. LuAnn has a similar property in the Hamptons, but she's far too European (even though she's really from Connecticut) to be president. Carole is a journalist, and as such, is far too impartial to be the RHONY president, while Bethenny doesn't have time for that. And, the Berkshires contagion might as well be from a different country.

That Hamptons house has a lot of baggage for Ramona. She bought it back before she split up with Mario, and after their split, she placed it on the market, offering a summer season lease. Variety covered the listing in a huge spread that maximized the similarities between Ramona's house and the White House. But thankfully, she hasn't sold the place — and I hope she never does. After all, it's as iconic as the White House.

The Architecture

Obviously the most basic similarity is that both houses are white, incredibly large, and feature columns. Plus, they're grandiose homes for very important events, like national policy decisions or throwing dinner parties among a Bravo TV cast.

The Reflecting Pool

Ramona's place has a pool out back that's long and rectangular and features a perfect reflection of the trees in the background... the Washington D.C. Reflecting Pool isn't right next to the White House (it's outside the Lincoln Memorial), but the idea is still the same. Ramona's Hamptons house isn't just a house: It has monumental importance.

Cherry Blossom Trees

Featured all around the National Mall, particularly near the Jefferson Memorial, cherry blossom trees are also outside Ramona's mansion. Coincidence???

The Enormous Size

Some of those bedrooms at Ramona's place have probably never been slept in, and have maybe never even been walked though. And, of course, most of the White House is used for tours rather than living space.

They're Probably Both Haunted

There are lots of rumors online about hauntings in the empty White House bedrooms. And maybe the reason why Sonja is always hiring priestesses and lighting an abundance candles is because persistent spirits from the beyond are hanging around at Ramona's.

The War Room

Of course the real point of every President living in the same house is so their staff has access to everything right away in a centralized location, should urgent matters arise. And the same is true for Ramona. She's passionate about the whole Hamptons scene, and missing a party because she's spending a week in the Berkshires is enough to launch a Real Housewives of New York emergency extraction.

Ramona's mansion may not be in Washington D.C. but it's basically the Hamptons version of the White House — a comparison I'm sure she'd welcome with open arms.

Images: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo; Giphy