8 'Pretty Little Liars' Conversations You've Definitely Had With Your Friends

Given that you took the time to click on this article, I can safely assume that you, much like myself, are addicted to Pretty Little Liars in every way, shape, and form. You've spent many sleepless nights reading every possible theory out there (totally worth it, BTW), and have quite literally been counting the days until the PLL Season 6 premiere, which is now only hours away from its big debut. Suffice to say, you've come to live and breathe everything single aspect about this show. So much so that it's pretty much the only thing you talk about these days. (Well that and Kimye's upcoming Baby No. 2, of course.)

Between all the lies and secrets and romantic entanglements, it's rather easy to become downright obsessed with this show. I myself have a hard time going a full day without making some sort of PLL reference to those around me. But it's that kind of passion that helps to distinguish this particular fan base from all the rest. We love to talk and build off of each other's comments and theories. And while those discussions no doubt range from a vast variety of topics, there are certain PLL conversations that we've all definitely had with our friends at one point or another. Such as…

1. Who Your Favorite Liar Is

Odds are you've had some pretty heated discussions about this one. Because no matter how big of a fan you are to this show, everyone has a favorite Liar. These are just simple facts, people. And if their answer doesn't align with yours? Well, let's just say it was a nice friendship while it lasted.

2. Which PLL Couple Is OTP

This series has introduced some pretty epic 'shipping pairs throughout the years, which can making choosing just one a rather difficult process. And while the correct answer here is obviously Haleb (because, duh!), it never hurts to open up a healthy flow of discussion on the matter among your closest friends.

3. Is [Insert Character Name] Really Dead?

On PLL, nothing is certain, which means we, as fans, are forced to question everything… even character deaths. I mean, it's gotten to the point where not even an actual body is enough to guarantee that someone is really dead. (Looking at you, Mona!) So in times like this, it's best to not jump to any assumptions before participating in an in-depth discussion.

4. A's Identity

We know Charles is A, but who is Charles? As much as we all love this show, it can be extremely frustrating not to get some straightforward answers at least once in a while. Chances are you've vented your passionate feelings about this on more than one occasion to your closest PLL allies. (Just take heart in knowing that we feel your pain!)

5. The Insane Fashion

Because if you're going to seethe with jealousy, it might as well be among others who feel the exact same way. I WANT! (You know, creepy doll masks aside.)

6. The Questionable Parenting

Though, in order for someone's parenting to be questionable, that usually requires them to actually be around in the first place. Which most of the time, they are not. Seriously, how is this OK?

7. Ezra's Shadiness

Sure, he's very, very attractive, but that still doesn't stop you from getting creeped out by his behavior from time to time. (Like the fact that he's dated more than one underage girl.) It may be true love between Aria and Ezra, but the way their relationship started out can't help but leave a bitter taste in your mouth even to this day. It's impossible not to discuss it.

8. Your Growing Inability To Trust

Because as much as you love this show, you're well aware that its also given you major trust issues for life.

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